About Me

My Past:

I grew up grinding crayons into piles of colored shavings so I could glue them onto paper to make artsy pictures. I painted, I drew, I took photographs of everything (like the rest of the Durfey Clan!) but mostly nature and my animals. I took my legos and made homes and cities with them... I could do this for days. I made little paper clothes for my paper dolls. In elementary and high school, I took every art and photography option I could: ceramics, home ec, art, photography, drama...

I was an art student in college, but I was convinced by the world at large (and myself, too) that I couldn't make a life this way. I went to interior design school, and then lived three years as an harassed decorator in Santa Cruz, CA. Worst job ever. I went to learn AutoCAD for mechanical and architectural design after I left the decorator profession. This led me to work for a construction company in Fremont, CA. I worked there for the next 12 1/2 years. Most of those years were happy, though I was very stressed most of the time due to the type of work I was doing: first CAD, then estimating, then Project Management. I made a big decision to leave my uninspired situation and stepped into the Unknown. Starting in Los Angeles. I started blogging in earnest in L.A., and also started making books to sell.

My Present:

I moved to Pennsylvania in July 2010, and have been rediscovering myself. I'm pushing myself creatively, and spiritually, to discover what I mean to myself. I've learned that we are not individuals at all, but pieces of the whole Universe. This knowledge has brought me pain and joy, and I hope to further my understanding of this connectedness of all things. I want to share this knowledge with others. I feel that our individual contributions to this world all add up and exponentially make the world better (or worse) depending on what we put out there. So I'd like to inspire people to put out only good and positive things, so that we can build a better world together.

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