Monday, March 31, 2014

Paying It Forward

About a year ago, one of my friends, who was also a coworker, passed away. She was a very dear, sweet, open person, and her death affected all of us. Last year on her birthday, in her honor, the owner and many of the employees, went out into the community to do good "Deeds For Diane," which is what we started calling it. I was at home with the baby, and not able to participate. However, this year I was able to.

The boss giving a resident a hand massage
The therapists, the owner (who is also a therapist), another receptionist and myself, all went to an assisted living retirement home. I brought Elie with me, and she walked about, making people smile. The folks at the home just loved her! The therapists gave free massages to anyone who wanted one. All of this was on their own time and no one was paid for it.

We handed out bags of quarters for bingo, and mints. It was quite a hit with the folks there! 

Clover enjoying the day & her work
Some of the people didn't want massages, but they stopped by to visit with Elie, asking me questions about (him) her. Even though she was in a dress, many of the residents didn't think she was a girl, ha ha! Not that we cared. One sweet lady, Dotty, had Alzheimers and asked me the same questions over and over, but Elie really liked her. It could be because she had a fuzzy little monkey on her walker! Dotty LOVED her massage, too, and wanted to take Doug home with her, ha ha! He's the guy massaging Dotty's shoulders and back in the first photo.

Many of the residents just came by to see what was going on, and to chat with Elie, who was eating her goldfish crackers and sitting on my lap. She basically was glued to me the entire time, but ventured out a little bit once she got more comfortable. Her effect on the residents was amazing. They would see her and approach her, with huge smiles on their faces... she responded, too! She was very interested in them, as well! She would yoyo between me and the residents, though not getting TOO close to them. She's pretty wary still, of anyone not in her immediate family. It was just really cute to see her bringing them so much happiness.

I fully enjoyed being part of this awesome day of helping others for our friend, Diane. It also really helped us. Doing something for others, without expecting anything in return, really brings a wonderful light into your soul... and is a huge, unexpected reward.

Friday, March 28, 2014


When you're a new mom, you don't always have time for big projects, because you don't always have the chunks of time to complete something at one sitting. It's probably a problem for moms who aren't necessarily first-timers, either. Kids take time and energy, and a lot of us creative types have to find small ways to get our fix.

Lately, my way has been to take a piece of graph paper and a pencil, and just start making patterns.

It's fun to see what patterns emerge from starting with a simple design and then repeating it... When I was young, my dad had given me a coloring book that had designs much like the ones I've been creating. I used to love coloring them! I could photocopy these patterns, too, and then use either acrylic paints, watercolors, or markers to fill the patterns with color. If I could just get my printer up and running again, I could print to watercolor paper and have some fun! 

What do YOU do to feed your creative urges when you don't have lots of time? 

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