Saturday, March 27, 2010

My greatest challenge

When I gear up to start book making, I am sometimes lucky to have space to myself to start my work. I start cutting my book boards, cutting my paper, folding my signatures for my books. But as soon as I start to pull out the waxed linen thread, that is when my challenge starts. Both of my cats are supremely interested in everything to do with string, thread, ribbon, yarn, etc. So when the thread comes out, so do my cats! They will try to jump on the thread as it slides around on the table, from my pulling it through my books... they will try to catch the threads when they dangle from my table's edge. They will try to eat the thread. In fact, just four days ago, Beckham, my older big boy cat, got a hold of a piece of waxed thread that was about 24" long, and he ate it. The entire thread was down his gullet before I knew what was going on. Well, there was a little 2" piece still on the floor, and the rest was gone. So I imagine that he must have eaten the rest since he was smacking his lips and I couldn't find the rest of the thread anywhere. So far, I haven't seen it "come up." He was cranky for a couple days afterward, which I think indicates a kitty tummy ache. He's fine now, but STILL NO THREAD. Of all of the little challenges I face with book making around my cats, the subject of thread is the most serious, and causes a lot of hilarity as well as consternation. However, I will persist! I am on the search for the best stand alone kitty toys so that I can keep my cats occupied while I work! If you know of a sure-fire way to keep my cats busy, let me know!

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