Monday, September 20, 2010

Flea Market Finds

One of my favorite treasure hunting activities is going to flea markets and yard sales. You never know what kind of awesome deals you're going to find! You can get so lucky in finding something to re-purpose or reuse in your home... something that someone else has become blind to because it's been in front of them for too long. I think it's a wonderful thing to be able to take something someone else is tired of and turn it into something new and exciting for you.
Wire basket for $0.25
 This wire basket, for instance, that someone had had around and sold at a yard sale. I bought it for a quarter and have a cool looking way of organizing my bath stuff! It's more than purchasing something for little money, though... it's the thrill of the hunt! It's also the opportunity to rethink the usage for something that you think is cool and has a nice feel, or look.
Minnow trap for $10
I was really excited about this metal mesh minnow trap that we found! It has an unusual shape, and opens up. I plan to fill it with lights and use it as a lamp! It can be hung as it stands, or sideways, which is how I think I will hang it. We also found this really neat metal cabinet, which has a shelf inside, and we plan to use it for a little bar out in the living room. We just need to find a tray or something to use on top. As seen in the photo, I was testing out a mirror to use as a top, but it's too square and a little large for what we wanted.
Metal Westinghouse cabinet for $10
 At the last apartment I lived at, there was a little bar, similar to this, though smaller, and it was really handy for keeping wine glasses, extra bottles of wine, etc. The other one had a little drawer, which was nice, but we can just put a little tray inside for holding small items like bottle openers and extra wine corks.
 All in all, I felt like our excursion was very worthwhile and fun! Our living room is coming together nicely, and has that funky edge to it that I love.... and there are lots of one-of-a-kind things that really show our personality and creativity. I'll follow up with more photos once we get a top for the cabinet, and put up the Minnow-catcher lamp!

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life is happy most of the time. said...

i love your flea market finds!! isn't treasure hunting the most fun! where is your new lamp!!

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