Thursday, September 23, 2010

Look What My Search for Owls brought me....

It brought me some adorable Owl Cupcakes!
 What other kinds of cute animals have been made into cupcakes...? I know this is off-topic, but my sister's friend Mischelle made some cute monkey cupcakes on Cinco de Mayo, which this reminded me of. I LOVE cupcakes! (Note to self: Future blog on cute animal cupcakes!)

I also found another blog site called Chocolate and Steel, and she likes owls, is from LA, and makes sweet jewelry. Check out HER favorite Owl Things.... My favorite is the masked owl! I have to say that looking at him made ME giggle, too! I'm sad that he's already been sold. This would've been wonderful in my studio! As a matter of fact, I may contact yellowmonday to see if there's any way to get one made for myself as a commission request.... don't you think he's a sassy little guy? I love him!!
 Ever since I was about five years old (that's a long time ago, by the way) I have loved owls. My parents house-sat for my aunt & uncle's friends, The Carries. They lived in Menlo Park, CA, and had an amazing home on stilts, which was on Ladera Hill, where my aunt & uncle also lived. They had an amazing collection of owl things.... I used to try to count all the owls that I could find, however, I'd always see more! They had a macrame owl that hung on the wall, and I wish I could just remember exactly what it looked like. It was probably something like this, which is vintage 1970's, and is probably the closest thing you could find to the one I saw at the Carries' house.

And speaking of macrame owls, you could make your own little macrame owl key chain, if you wanted. Check out this adorable one on Craftzine! It's precious!
Vintage owl trivet set
 My boyfriend loves owls, too. He found the cutest set of owl trivets at a second-hand store here in Bethlehem. Check them out... they are a little family of owls. So cute! 
 We also have another family of owls that we bought while we were in New Orleans from a vendor at the French Flea Market. This is quite the motley crew of owls, but we love them! They're actually made by hand in Peru, and there's no paint on them. They are carved and scored with heat. Check them out!
Peruvian owl gourds
I also found this wonderful British crafter who makes amazing creatures out of fabric. She sells her stuff on Folksy, which is like Etsy, but in the UK. 
Check out her stuff

Yes, I love owls. I love their big eyes, their mystery, their beauty. I've seen them flying around dusk in California, only twice. They are stunnning... their wing beats sounded huge above my head, causing me to look up. Wow. Seriously. And the burrowing owls that live in California are diminutive, and adorable... they'll look like ground squirrels or gophers at a glance, if you aren't paying attention! 
Image source:
Oh look! A family of four! I just found out from that burrowing owls are again in decline! They were doing so well, too. I just don't understand how people can not care what happens to the creatures on our planet! Why is endangerment and extinction for capital gain okay?? It's NOT OKAY. Argh! Well, it's my opinion that when you get people interested in different animals, their awareness for those animals increases. Increased awareness leads to care and concern. Especially for animals, I believe, because they are so precious and easy to love. The more that artists and crafters bring animals to the forefront of what they create, the more people will love and want to protect the different creatures. That's my thought, anyway. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am. I will keep blogging about the animals, and I'll keep supporting artists that represent them. Let's just see what happens...  and I hope that you will keep animal care in your consciousness.

Blessings and love to all! xoxo

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Terriaw said...

I love love love your collection of owl things! I have only seen an owl maybe 2-3 times in my life, but I'm always looking. They are so majestic and mysterious. I love that masked owl and that owl key chain! Thanks so much for sharing all these great treasures!

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