Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rainy Day Walk

Today I really felt the need to get out of the house. The only getting out I've done this week was to the grocery store. It's been raining, though it's still kind of warm, which has kept me in. When the rain let up a bit, I ventured outside this morning, and I took some pictures along the way for you, dear readers. 
Love this sidewalk with leaf impressions in it.
I love seeing fallen leaves scattered about.
Don't know what this plant is, but it's darling!
Fall color thru the ivy.
Love the red barn door.
I see hearts everywhere!
 It was a really lovely walk... two people smiled at me along the way, and I felt connected to humanity again! I also love getting in touch with nature, even if it's of the garden variety. I also saw a bird because I heard it's strange call, but I don't know what it is. Do you?
It's not a blue jay. I don't think.
 I also took a couple pictures of my favorite house that's for sale right now. I love the funky chandeliers they have hanging out over their outdoor porch. The people are really nice, too. They have a nice sense of aesthetic, as you can see by the garden. Sorry my pictures aren't so great. It had started to rain more and I didn't want my camera getting too wet!
 Oh, I guess you can't really see into their garden from my pictures. But see that back part of the house there? It's a huge house.... I love the front entry, which has the framed glass walls like a conservatory! The old brick and black shutters are such a nice combination. It's an old home. I forgot to check how old, but there's a plaque on there somewhere, from the historical society. If I had half a million dollars, I'd buy this home!


Terriaw said...

What a beautiful walk! You found so many wonderful treasures! I am definitely taking my camera along the next time I do this. That house really is beautiful. I have always wanted a porch like that, one you could use as an outdoor room.

shari said...

Me, too! I would love an outdoor room... just a comfy, cool place to enjoy the outdoors. The house is cooler than my pictures show. The shutters are actually a deep purple! I just noticed it later today.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures - I love getting out and reconnecting with nature even if it's just a stroll around the garden or a walk to work through the village. There are so many little treasures to be found and I love how you captured a few on your walk.

The house has so much character and charm - no wonder you have fallen in love with it :0)

shari said...

Thanks, Michelle! If your village is as picturesque as my new town, then we are both lucky people. Yes, the house is so charming... I just love looking at it, even though I can't buy it!

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