Friday, September 10, 2010

S is for Sanctuary

Found on Sally Jean's website
One of my big inspirations is Sally Jean. She is so creative and gives me that boost I need when I'm stuck for some project to start. I can flip through her book, Pretty Little Things when I want to get some excitement into the creative process. Her website is really fun, too, as she has loads of pictures of HER inspirations, including photos of her workshops in action. I would love to be able to attend one some day!

So, in light of this blog beginning, here are some of my inspirations!

Shadows, nature...
 I always try to pay attention to the designs created by shadows and light. I take photos of instances that feel lovely to me. Sometimes the shadows created are more fascinating than the original subject matter! I took this photo in Santa Cruz, CA.

Patterns of light and dark
  Here is another example of the play of light to create strong forms. I love how the dark strong branches of this wisteria vine contrast with the ethereal quality of the light coming through the purple flowers... this was in my backyard when I lived in California. This old wisteria vine (over 100 years old) was the source of a lot of inspiration for me. You can see why!

The drama of light and dark
 I took this image in New Orleans in the spring of 2004. The hotel I stayed at had an inner courtyard that was lit dramatically with spot lights. I loved the play of of shadow on the sides of the building, and the statuary and crosses that adorned the space. The fern shadows have a lacy effect that is visually pleasing. I'll be posting more inspirations soon. Must take my cat, Jimmy Boo, to the vet for a procedure. (Poor guy is going to soon be cat-strated!) Hope everyone is doing fantastically well, and feeling inspired by LIFE!


Orion Designs said...

I love Sally Jean's book too, but I've never visited her website. I must do that soon. Hugs to Jimmy Boo.

shari said...

Thanks, Vicki... J Boo's home. He's acting weird, but I'll assume it's not that he's mad at me, just that he's still under the influence of the drugs.

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