Thursday, October 14, 2010

New York Visit - Angel's Share

It rained and hailed, but we were cozy inside!

The bar

Special order drink

After the High Line walk and snacks at Park, we headed to Angel's Share, a little Japanese "speak-easy" style bar in the East Village. It had just started to pour, so we hailed a cab there. They don't allow groups of people that number higher than four, and they try to keep things mellow. It makes it a nice environment, I must say! The drinks are AMAZING! I had two drinks there, and both were super delicious! One was a ginger-infused vodka drink (can't remember the name, sorry!)mixed with smashed ginger and ginger ale and the other was a special order that my sister requested, which we all tried, and three out of four of us ordered one. It was an Earl Grey-infused vodka with St. Germain's and something else. Ha ha... mind you, this is AFTER Park, so things are a little hazy! It was a refreshing drink, though, I remember how it tasted! It's a wonderful place to go for libations, if you like drinks that taste really, really good!!

1 comment:

Terriaw said...

That place looks and sounds amazing! I love ginger ale, but never know what to mix it with. Might have to try that concoction.

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