Monday, October 4, 2010

Red Kimono Journal

Guess what, friends and readers? My red kimono journal (from my Etsy shop) was featured in Charan's (Creative With Clay) Etsy blog! Check out her store, too... She's an amazing potter! She does a weekly color feature that you submit your Etsy items to, and she chooses eight each week, for that specific color. This week was "Maroon" and I wasn't sure my book would get in there, but it did! I'm really excited because a lot of people view that blog!

Check it out!

Here are some more photos of my new journal...

 I really need to learn how to take better product photos. I'm good with nature, but not so good with promotional photos. It's harder than it looks, as Vicki once pointed out to me. (I didn't really believe her at the time, because hey, the stuff isn't MOVING, so it can't be THAT hard... but it is hard!) Any pointers would be happily considered and appreciated!

1 comment:

Terriaw said...

That is SO cool - congratulations! What a great idea to feature products based on a color theme. Your journal is really beautiful! I love the closure, and the stitching on the spine too.

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