Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kauai continued! A Trip to Hanalei Bay...

View from a back road near Po'ipu

Menehune Fish Pond
 I had forgotten to include the photos above in my last post. These views were from the south end of the island, near Po'ipu. There's a Hawaiian legend that talks of the mythical Menehune people. They're little magical people who bring luck, much like Irish Leprechauns. The ancient Hawaiians said that the fish pond, over 900 feet long, was made by the Menehune about 1000 years ago, in one night. Archaeologists actually surveyed the pond and found that it actually was rather mysterious! It was built in an engineered fashion, more advanced than the people at the time, and had mysterious markings carved into it. The information on it varies, depending on where you hear it, as some people say it was built before Hawaiians lived on the islands, and others say that it was built during the time of the Hawaiians, but was much more advanced than what they were capable of at the time. Who knows? It's still there, but is no longer in use, as it's privately owned. 

Kilauea Lighthouse

Nene birds with their babies

Hanalei - taken from the pier

The creek that runs to Hanalei

Very shallow beach

Stop on the way back
So the day after our first Kapa'a visit, we wanted to continue further up the coast, heading north from the eastern town of Kapa'a.  On our way, we stopped at the Kilauea Lighthouse and wildlife refuge. There were an amazing number of migratory birds there! I didn't even know the names of most of them. Some of them were albatrosses, which had an island out off the tip of the coast, so we didn't see them up close. There were egrets and all kinds of geese and ducks. There were the Hawaiian Nene, which had hatchlings following them around! So cute! It was very breezy there, but also scorchingly hot somehow. We didn't stay long, as we were excited about seeing Hanalei Bay.

I had been to Hanalei Bay before, almost 20 years ago (before Hurricane Iniki) with my mom and sister and my mom's friend Chuck, and remembered it as a calm and lovely place to get some sun. It was also the meeting place for rafting tours to the Napali Coast. (You can only reach it by ocean, air or if you hike in. No roads go to the coast in order to keep it pristine.) I hadn't actually realized quite how lovely it is! Everywhere you turn, the sun is hitting the surrounding mountains in just such a way as to dazzle you! And standing at the end of the pier made you feel like a mermaid able to balance on the ocean's water. You're able to look down on the waves and surfers passing by... it's really fantastic! I loved the shallowness of the water, which allows you to walk very far out to look for seashells, without having to get your hair wet, if you don't want to. Contrary to my photos, there were a lot of people here, but not so many that you had to watch where you walked or anything. A lot of people were barbecuing out by their vehicles, parked higher up on the sand. Many surfers come out here to surf, and hang out, but they have a long way to walk to get to the deeper part of the ocean.... though that's part of the lovely journey, isn't it?


Terriaw said...

what an amazing place! How lucky to get to see such a beautiful part of our world. Thank you for sharing this amazing trip with us!

shari said...

You're welcome, Terri! I really enjoyed myself with my family in that lovely locale. I can't wait to return there with my boyfriend!

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