Saturday, January 15, 2011


"Ralphie, those icicles have been known to KILL people!" said Ralphie's mom after he'd come into the house with his Red Ryder bee bee gun, thinking he'd shot his eye out. He blamed it on the icicle that fell off the house... and hey! it's plausible!

Check out these icicles that are hanging from the escape ladder outside our apartment...

Top of the mega icicle

Middle of the mega icicle

Almost the bottom of the mega icicle
There's one icicle that's about 5 feet long! It's as big as me... luckily, as you can see, it's well-anchored to the stair banister. I'd hate for that to drop on someone! Look at the points on some of those ice daggers! 

I'm fascinated with anything winter-related because where I'm from, the South Bay in Northern California, we don't see these things! Once we had a really cold couple nights where puddles of water outside froze, and my dripping spigot created a sort of still-form of water falling... that was beautiful and unusual, and it was melted later that day. Here, in Pennsylvania, the cold sticks around! Icicles can grow to massive size due to the sun  melting it slowly during the day, then the cold evening temperatures sets it in place. It's crazy!

Do you have some lovely icicles around you? Any frosty snowmen to speak of? Or are you one of the warm & lucky ones, who just get to walk around with a light sweater on when you go outside this time of year?

I'm warming up with my cup of coffee, sweater, socks, and cozy kitties & boyfriend. What are you doing on this chilly winter's day?


Terriaw said...

Wow, cool icicles! I love that mega icicle, which really does look like a sword or a spear. So mystical. We get icicles hanging off our roof quite a bit. Heck, I live in the upper midwest so we are in the middle of winter scenery. I love it when we wake up to hoarfrost covering everything, looking like frosting on all the little branches. I also love it when it snows hard and all the branches of the evergreens are covered in snow clumps.

I'm drinking coffee, waiting for our breakfast dish and cinnamon rolls to finish baking. Then I'm going to work on art projects (homework) today!

Brandi said...

No icicles here! Here in Texas, the weather is now in the high 30s, low 40s after a week of being solidly in the 20s. I've never been so happy to see a 3 at the beginning of a temperature before! But that slight change has made the cold bearable, and not excruciating. :) I'm such a wuss!

Anonymous said...

Those icicles are pretty magnificent - we get them here alot too and they always look so beautiful and magical but dangerous at the same time - they're amazing aren't they.

The day is coming to a close here for me - I've had quite a busy day finishing up projects... I followed your advice for the thread painting and it worked out great and I saved myself a trip to the craft store.

You sound like you have a lovely snuggly kind of day planned - enjoy :0)

Bromeliad said...

We saw some beautiful icicles today driving around Long Island. I wanted to take pictures, but they were all hanging off the eaves of private homes, and I was too shy.

shari said...

Terri, hope you had a nice, toasty day! I know it gets super cold in your neck of the woods! What's hoarfrost?!

Brandi, I know what you mean.... when it's really cold, your baseline changes for what's "warm"! I'm looking forward to the 30's, too!

G'night, Shell! I'm glad the thread color change worked for you! hope to see it!

Bromeliad, I'm the same way... shy about taking photos in other people's yards! (Unless I don't see anyone around!)

Thanks for the nice comments,

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