Friday, January 14, 2011

More Ideas for At-Home Book-Making

It occurred to me that when I did the tutorial about making books out of boxes, that I didn't really mention too much about the TYPES of boxes you can use. You're only limited by what you have in your home, which is not as limited as you might think!

You can seek out... match boxes, pasta boxes, perfume boxes... pretty much anything that's made out of cardboard! Look for pretty colors or fun words.

Box from hair product I purchased

I decoupaged the inside covers
I just used linen tape on the spine
Cover from a sample of perfume that I thought was pretty

The back I covered in a scrap of marbled paper
Also made a business card book (rear), and a matchbox book (front).
So you see, you can pretty much use anything you like to make a cool little book! I especially enjoy making miniature books because they are so quick and easy to make. They make cute little gifts, or as notebooks to keep in your purse or car.

I hope you have fun finding new little boxes to make into fun, usable books! Don't toss out those boxes into the recycle bin just yet!


Anonymous said...

So many great suggestions Shari! I love the little matchbox book and would never have thought of it - thank you so much.

ps I'm so looking forward to seeing your garland - I love this exchange of ideas.

shari said...

You're welcome, Shell!

I do, too! It was awesome to see your garland this morning, as it was just on my mind - having emailed my bf about it... he actually taught me a style of paper flower to make! I want to make a bunch of different kinds and well.... you'll see! :-)

Terriaw said...

Such fabulous ideas! I have been saving a box from some makeup I bought at Victoria's Secret because I adore the box. Now I know exactly what to do with it. I need to find some images to decoupage to the inside covers and get some linen tape for the spine. Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas here today! I'm so excited to try this.

shari said...

Yay, Terri! That's exactly the kind of "ah ha" moment that I wanted to come out of this post. :-) Great thinking! If you need any help, or more instruction, let me know!

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