Monday, February 28, 2011

Color Palette Blog Walk!

Guess what time it is? It's time for another Color Palette Blog Walk! I'm super excited to be part of it this year.... I do love making color palettes, and I have a wintry one for you this time around! Last dip in the snow before spring! I also have a foretelling of spring, and a jump back to last summer...

Wintry mix

I think Spring is coming!

Coastal neutrals with a bit of jelly
 I think it's kind of interesting that I went so neutral on all my color schemes... I typically go really girly in my color preferences. I think that this winter has tainted me! Well, when spring actually comes around, we'll see if my preferences revert again to the deeper, brighter color ranges. Until then, I hope you enjoy these photos and palettes that I came up with! Please check out the color palettes of my fellow blog walkers today....

Friday, February 28th
Jen at Jen Judd Rocks   

There will be new color palettes through Friday from other bloggers! Get your daily dose of inspiring color palettes! Thank you so much for visiting!! 

Here is the rest of the schedule of Color Palette Blogs for this week's walk:

Tuesday, March 1st

Wednesday, March 2nd
Jescalyn at Peach Honey Love
Katrina at Ma Joie Press
Jenni at Jenni's Beads

Thursday, March 3rd
Christie at Displaced Urbanite
Rachel at TatterBeans
Brittany at The Home Ground

Friday, March 4th
Rachel at Balanced Crafts
Wren at Each Day
Kelly at Mackin Art


Paige said...

What lovely palettes! I love them all..but especially that wintry photo! Can you say beautiful??

Malin de Koning said...

I love your palettes!
Thanks for sharing!

shari said...

Thank you so much! I really had fun making them... enjoy the rest of your blog walk!! :-)


Cindy said...

Hi Shari! Your color palettes are beautiful...especially love the coastal neutrals shot. I think those are my absolute favorite colors for designing jewelry. Visiting your blog has me totally inspired now!

Erin Prais-Hintz said...

That is beautiful Shari! I am new to the whole palette thing, so I didn't do anything fancy. I love the textures. Would love to be able to do that. Is it hard? Thank you for sharing these pretty palettes and your inspiration. These would make for some wonderful color inspriations for jewelry ;-)

Enjoy the day!

Terriaw said...

Beautiful color palettes, Shari! I love the softness, and the progression towards color with the anticipated arrival of spring. I love these color palette blog walks, so thank you for posting the schedule.

Brandi said...

Oh, Shari, these are incredible!! I love them all, especially the soft colors of the first one and the bright pop of teal in the beachy one. I'm also loving the textures!! SO FUN.

I think I'm with you - winter has had a definite influence on my color choices lately. I'm going for more grays than anything else right now. But see, then the neutrals make the colors you do choose pop, don't you think?

Thank you for playing along, my friend!

Orion Designs said...

These are all so soft and pretty -- a reflection of your mood maybe? I love them all.

shari said...

Thanks, everyone! I had a whole lot of fun doing these... especially after being inspired by Brandi's idea of adding textures to the colors in the palette. It made it more exciting for me to do them, so thanks, Brandi!

@ Cindy, Erin & Terri thank you! I sure had fun! I'm happy (always) to inspire anything good!!

Yes, Vicki, I think you're right. I went out and took the photos (other than the summer beach one) outside... and it's been so cold, but that day was relatively warm, so my mood was definitely calm and I felt more connected to nature.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Loving the green moss with the browns combo!
Lovely inspiration!!

shari said...

Thank you, Lenore!

Lyn Foley said...

Those are beautiful color palettes. I have to say I especially like the jelly fish with those lucious neutrals and soft teals. Inspiring. Thank you for playing on the walk.

shari said...

Thank you, Lyn! I've definitely enjoyed playing on the walk, as well as getting such sweet and supportive comments from everyone! xoxo

christie said...

Oh, I love all of your neutrals. Just goes to show that neutrals don't have to be boring! I really love the Wintry Mix palette.

Jenni C said...

Love the coastal neutrals and also the textural finish on the palette.
I have to work out how to do that!

shari said...

Thanks, Christie! I agree... no color needs to be boring!

Thanks, Jenni! if you want to know how I did the texture, shoot me an email and I'll email you back with some instructions!

Jess said...

I love blues in the beach picture, so pretty... makes me want to go on vacation. The Wintery mix pic is probably my favorite, love delicate neutrals.

shari said...

Thanks, Jess! I want to go on vacation too.... which is probably why I chose that picture I took in Mexico last year....

Jessa | ReArtingDotNet said...

Your photos are lovely and the textures are fab! The top photo is my favorite but they are all so pretty.


Karen M said...

Love the coastal neutrals palette and photo. I love adding textures to my palettes too. It really give the palettes that little something extra. :)

shari said...

Hi Jessa! *waves* Thanks so much!

Hi Karen! *waves* I agree... the textures are a nice touch. I got that from Brandi! ;-)

balanced. said...

these are great! I also love how you added texture to your palettes! beautiful!

ShinyAdornments said...

Beautiful! And I adore all the textures you applied to your palette colors.


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