Monday, February 7, 2011

Personal Update

Previously, I had talked about working on my studio, organizing it, and making room so I could work more easily and happily. I showed you some progress, but never really got any further for a while. I finally found an affordable cabinet in which I could store some stuff. For $40, I purchased from a guy on Craigslist, because of the Easy Button, which I discovered here, on Shannon's blog, a wonderfully useful cabinet!

Check it out:

New cabinet found using CraigsEasy

I can set up little vignettes for inspiration

I can store my goodies

I have a glass slider area, where I can have some of my inspiration and cooler looking storage, and then I have the solid doors underneath for more storage! Plus, there's a shelf for books and framed photos. There's still work to do... but it's getting so much closer to completion, and I've only had to spend a few dollars on cigar boxes, and the one cabinet! When I'm totally done, I will take a series of photos showing the 360 degree view of the room. :-) There are still things in the room that won't end up staying, but I feel more and more drawn to my studio/craft room! I enjoy being in here more, with the clutter mostly put away or tossed into the recycle bin.

The other part of the update is that I have indeed been writing, working on my book! I'm on chapter four, all just the first draft. I've signed up for a writing workshop, where the instructor is also an author and will share her knowledge on finding an agent and getting published. I'm really excited, as I feel that my story is coming along really well! I think that this winter has had it's purpose for me in my life... keeping me inside, to write more, and to be more introspective, and to organize my life more for the upcoming year. If the weather were too nice, well, let's be honest... I'd be outside!! Yes, there is often a silver lining on that dark, cold cloud above you. You just don't always see it until your angle of view shifts just a little. I hope you're all finding your silver lining....



Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Shari - I had been wondering how your writing dreams had been coming along so it's brilliant to hear that you are doing so well and the course sounds fantastic. How great to get that kind of advice and input.

Your cabinet looks great and like it will hold tonnes of stuff!

shari said...

Thanks, Shell! Yes, the writing is coming along... I enjoy it immensely! I'm looking forward to the class! Just got my confirmation today, actually!

(I love my new cabinet! :-)

Brandi said...

Excellent on both counts! I think it's wonderful how far you've gotten already with your book! Can't wait to hear how your class develops.

The new cabinet is sweet!

shari said...

Thanks, Brandi! I just got feedback from my sister, and despite a couple pieces of very constructive criticism, she told me that she loves it! She's looking forward to reading the rest, ha ha!

Terriaw said...

Love your new cabinet! How fun to have a place to store your goodies and display some treasures too. I bet it feels great to have this new addition to your creative space.

Congrats on reaching chapter 4 of your book! How exciting to be that far into pursuing your dreams. Good idea to take a course to get that coaching.

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