Saturday, February 12, 2011

Secession - New Clothing Line Coming Out Soon!

Everyone, I have news that is very exciting to me! I hope that it will excite you, also!

My sister, Sharlene Durfey, is working with her partner, Carlos Martinez-Cervantes, to launch a brand new line of luxury t-shirts! Her background is in graphic design and fashion, as you'll know if you read my artist's blog from a few weeks ago.

Silk screen of one design

You can see her blog, 121,000,000, for more details and images of the silk screens that she took during the sample-making process. The photos are lovely, of course.

 She's going to be running around a lot this year, promoting her line in Los Angeles, New York and London. Remember how I mentioned that my mom said that she wasn't creative or artistic? Obviously it didn't affect my sister at all! Yay, sis! She also got a website up specifically for her new line: Secession Obsession. Check it out!

Here are two of her favorite photos of the process...

Screen of "Zig Zag"

Some of the finished samples!
  I hope that you are inspired to "go confidently in the direction of YOUR dreams" to "live the life that YOU'VE imagined"... to quote the famous writer, Henry David Thoreau. After all, in what other lifetime do you plan on fulfilling your dreams?


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news Shari - massive congratulations to your Sister - you must be very proud.

I'm unable to email you my address as you are set to 'no-reply blogger' which is why I've never been able to reply personally to any comments you leave. Could you email me - my email address is in my profile' and then I'll be able to reply to that :0)

Thanks Shari xxx

shari said...

Yes, I'm super proud of my sister! And yes, I will fix my setting, ha ha!

Terriaw said...

Congratulations to your sis! This is fantastic. What an amazing accomplishment for her to achieve. Sounds like she is in store for fabulous adventure. Hope you share more news as her success booms!

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