Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flea Market Style - Sharing A Favorite Book


One of my Christmas gifts I received was a book. This book brings me inspiration and excitement, and so I wanted to share it with you! It's called Flea Market Style, by Emily Chalmers, with words by Ali Hanan. The photographs by Debi Treloar are wonderful. (It's a Ryland, Peters & Small publication, of course. They make so many awesome books!)

The photos and design ideas in this book make me want to grab my little granny-cart and hit the nearest flea market! I love the accessible way in which they put together these amazingly comfortable rooms, which are just as stylish as any you'd find in a magazine. The furnishings are chosen for their classic esthetic and the accessories for the ecclectic look and functional design. 
I love this wire shelving (left.) It reminds me of something you might find in a Parisienne apartment. The airiness and feminine lines helps to lighten the heaviness of stacks of books. 

I love the look of the exposed seams on this classically designed sofa (below left.) The soft gray and unexpected texture of the seams makes it a very friendly piece of furniture. You wouldn't be afraid to tuck your feet up under your legs while you read a book here. 

I want this sofa!

Couldn't you see a fun dinner with friends in here?
This dining area is the perfect place for a friendly dinner with a lot of friends... the feeling warm and generous. I love the playfully mismatched chairs! The display boxes on the wall with their altar-like vignettes adds to the feeling of a sacred space. The photos encourage the guest to stay and peruse. The funky lights along the ceiling are one of my favorite lighting choices for their funkiness and soft, flattering light. 

These stacked bowls makes me want to start my own collection... I love when form and function come together so wonderfully... these are perfectly shaped bowls with that beautiful patina of age. So many hands holding something warm and comforting or cool and refreshing in the sweetly cupped shape of these bowls. The colors are precious!

This plush bed with it's aged and ornate headboard are the best remedy to a rough
day. You could sink into it's softness with a huge breathy sigh...
There are many more beautiful images to inspire and delight you in this book. I'm sure that I will also be posting blogs about other books in the future, so I can share my delights and enthusiasms with you!

Looks like Marie Antoinette could've used this as her day bed!


Anonymous said...

It looks like a book to become lost in... I love the eclectic mix and the images involked - whether quiet relax time or noisy chattering meal times with friends. I enjoyed seeing the book through your eyes, especially the bowls, I think you should start a small collection.

Jainnie said...

That looks like a terrific book, Shari! I especially love that wire are so right about the airiness and feminine lines. You've reminded me how much I miss going to flea markets. I also enjoyed those mismatched chairs. That reminds me of a café in Tokyo (Café La Mille) which had mismatched tea cups and saucers. It was such a warm, beautiful, quiet café and it was always a delight to see what my drink would be served in. I think you should definitely start some collections...I'm inspired to start some mismatched ones!

Tracey said...

that's so funny :D
I am taking the BYW and I am a fine arts graduate who hasn't worked in the creative arts much in my life either, so I thought I'd check out your blog...and.. I LOVE this book, TOO!!
I get it from our little library - it has a few pages missing, unfortunately! But the ideas are great!
Love the stacking bowls!
have a great day :D

Sonja said...

That book looks soooo awesome! I think I browsed and drooled through it a little once. :o)
Those stacked bowls are so cute, I'd love a collection too.
Thank you so much for your sweet comment and the advice!!!! :o)
I checked out his blog, I haven't contacted him yet, but once the planning gets closer and I'm more sure about whats happening and whats not, I'll definitely consider asking him for some advice.

Thanks sooo much again! I really appreciate it! :o)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I love that headboard! That is just sooooooooooo pretty. I used to go down to the flea market when I was little. Reading this post reminds me of how much fun i had digging through old toys. Maybe I should revisit the local flea market and see what treasures I may find.

life is happy most of the time. said...

love this book! thanks for showing it! i hope you are well and miss you!

dressed by style said...

Hi there. I'm Megan, popping in from BYW. I really love the thrill of finding a treasure at fleamarkets and this book is lovely. thanks for sharing!

Karolina said...

this sofa is gorgeous and I've got the same bed :)
great book

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