Friday, April 15, 2011

Book Review: Decorate

I have been waiting for this book for a couple months, anticipating it's arrival from Chronicle. It finally arrived this week!! As you can see, I tabbed a lot of pages to share with you, but they are only a fraction of the delicious photos, taken by Debi Treloar, in this book by Holly Becker & Joanna Copestick! I will only be sharing a few of my favorite things today, but I know I'll be returning to this book to show you more exciting and inspiring ideas for decorating!

These four pages (above) are full of warm neutrals and reuse of salvaged materials for a comfortable, earthy interior. I love the reclaimed wood shelving and the bathroom door that's hung on a rail. I've seen this before on a DIY television program, but think it's done more successfully here. I love the contrast of the rough, stained wood with the crisp whites of the walls. 

In these pages (above) there is a bright splash of hot color in each, which I think makes the rooms so much more exciting! I absolutely adore the cafe chairs in the photo on the bottom left. They are just like chairs I saw in cafes in Paris when I was there last year. The red legs are gorgeous with the painted black seats and backs. I also love the hot pink in the rooms in the top left and bottom right photos. It's such a fantastically feminine color, and yet also works with the masculine proportions of the sofa base. It reminds me of Indian textiles, especially with the varied pillows. Also, bringing the indoors out is one of my favorite concepts. In California, I loved eating and relaxing outside, and the photos at the top are just up my alley. The one on the top right is more like bringing the outdoors in, and with the scale of those potted plants, you really feel like you're in a park!

This book has so many fabulous ideas... they break down for you the ways you can organize the furniture in your rooms, and talk about what works best, as well as how to get the best bang for your design buck. It will take me weeks to dig into all the information, inspiration and advice in this almost 300 page book! Pick one up for yourself, if you're interested in revamping your living spaces, or just want to be inspired to make some small but effective changes in your home. It's well worth it!!


Brandi said...

This is going to sound so silly, but decorating books make me wistful for a home of my own. One where I can rip out, reinstall, and customize. One day, one day!

Tracey said...

Fantastic photos!!
I'm going to have to get this book too!
I love Holly and your comments on these photos show just how fantastic the book is!!

I totally agree Brandi! Of course, you're really got to be careful that your husband/partner thinks the same after they get home from work!! lol

Tracey said...


karla said...

thank you for the preview .. i had been wondering about Holly's book since taking the class. i definitely spotted some things i like .. especially the neutrals and rustic touches .. wonderful!

Cynthia@Beach Coast Style said...

I just got mine and have not had a chance to really go through it yet but will this weekend. I think Holly did a great job! I loved her class.

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