Sunday, May 8, 2011

30 Day Drawing Challenge 8

Day 8's challenge was to draw our favorite animated character. My favorite was always Snoopy. I wasn't alive in the 50's, but my aunt & uncle had given me some old Peanuts books, so I saw the old Snoopy & gang, as well as what was in the newspapers at the time. I always felt like the old Snoopy was more doglike, and he became my favorite. So I gave it a shot, of drawing him old school-style, as well as one of his more "current" styles.

And as it's Mother's Day today, I wanted to also note that my mom had given me a Snoopy dog as one of my first stuffed animals, and he looked like Snoopy circa 1970's. I still have him, though he's in storage. He was white velveteen with black velveteen ears and under his ears was red satin lining. And when my sister was born, my mom gave me the Snoopy made like the 1960's style dog, which they were making in different colors at that time, and was stuffed like a beanie baby. He was  yellow with brown ears. He got his face eaten off by my old dog, Jake.

My 11th birthday, had a Snoopy cake...
My mom even had a Snoopy cake made for my 11th birthday. I was thrilled to get it, just so you know. I'm the one opening a card on the left, and interestingly, I'm still friends with all of these girls! (Um, women!) My sister is the little one at my elbow.

Found the picture! 
My mom always liked the Peanut's gang, so I grew up with their images in my room. I still love them to this day. Thanks, mom! Happy Mother's Day to you, and to all the mothers, caregivers, and nurturers out there! I hope you have a truly love-filled day!



-E- said...

didn't realize snoopy evolved. good info!

shari said...

Thank you for commenting! I'm glad I could share something that wasn't widely known. :-) And about Snoopy, no less. Awesome!

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