Monday, May 2, 2011

30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 2

Well, folks, I'm off to a bad start! I totally lost the weekend, as I had a bit too much fun. I didn't even know what day of the month it was until today! Argh! 

So I missed the self-portrait, but onto the next.... "Favorite Animal." For me, it is now cats. Specifically, my cats. I did a pencil drawing of my cat, Jimmy Boo.

It's not super detailed, but hey, I did it in about five minutes. Yikes! As I said, I had a bit too much fun this weekend! I'll do better for the next one, as I'm now back on schedule. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, as well! (But not so as you'd forget what day of the month it is...)

I'm putting together a little video of the Chili Fest, which, ironically, has no footage of us eating chili. It was good, though! There was much eating, drinking, socializing and dancing done! It was a lovely day out, too, so you can imagine it was all spent outdoors. I love nice weather! 

What did you all do this weekend? Anything fun or just relaxing? Either is good!


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