Thursday, May 5, 2011

30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 5

Day 5: A drawing of my best friend, who is Eustacia. I had to work off of a photo, since she lives in California. I chose a picture of her that I took when we were camping in Yosemite. We have this awesome spot by the river that we like to hang out at when it's hot and we want to swim in cold, clear water. There's a rock in the background where people like to jump off. (Not me, I'm chicken.)

We typically haul our chairs, food, coolers, and selves over to this idyllic spot under poplars and pines, which lies next to a lazy part of the Merced River. It's lovely.

I want to apologize to Eustacia, also, because she's much prettier than my drawing shows. Anyway, I hope you can tell that I love her to death, and think the world of her. She always wears her sun hat when we go camping, and her feet in the river. In this picture, she was sitting on an inner tube in the water, facing up the beachy embankment, looking at me when I took this photo. Good times!

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