Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something is wrong... Reboot.

Photo by me

Computers are a mystery to me. This morning, I turned on my computer (couldn't let it just sleep with a crazy thunderstorm going on all night) and with my cup of coffee, I started reading my favorite blogs. For some reason, I can't comment on most of them, but not all of them. I can see that other people have commented, so I'm pretty sure this problem is on my end. But why is it happening? 

Guess it's time to reboot. That's the solution for most computer problems, right?

"Have you restarted your computer?" is always the first question that the IT guys used to ask anyone who called in with a problem. I learned quickly to do that before calling, and typically, it would solve whatever problem I had. Wouldn't it be nice if Life had this function? Just a quick reboot, and anything that was glitchy would be miraculously fixed!  I sometimes think that getting a good night's sleep was a kind of reboot for the human body. I feel so refreshed after a good night's sleep, or meditation. Problems don't seem as big or insurmountable, and the aches and pains of yesterday are gone or greatly diminished. But when I don't get such a good rest, things seem more difficult. The colors are more gray, and it's not just the clouds outside making it seem that way.

Maybe the reboot isn't just rest, though? Maybe there's a way to mentally reboot your brain by choosing to see things in a better way? (You DO have a choice, after all.) I've done this before, successfully, and I know other people have, too. You need to sometimes push aside that {awful} voice in your head, who is telling you negative things, and you need to CHOOSE to be positive, and CHOOSE to see the good things over the bad. The more you do this, the easier it becomes! Truly! 

Photo by me
At times, what is happening will seem like it's a "bad" thing. But if you allow it to be, accept that it is what it is, then choose to move on, without clinging to that situation, then you'll find that life becomes easier. It's an interesting idea. What you resist persists, right? So stop resisting the things you perceive as negative, accept that they ARE, and then take the next step, without clinging to those negative thoughts or feelings you may have had. 

It works with physical pain. I've tried it. Recently I stubbed my toe pretty hard. After my initial hopping about and cursing, through which my pain seemed the worst, I then thought, "Okay. I stubbed my toe. Let me feel what's happening in my toe with all my awareness, and let me see if it's really as bad as all that." As soon as I put my attention there and accepted it, the pain started to recede, and I could barely even feel the pain anymore! I also do this during Shark Week. (Some of you may know what this means? If not, well, it's when the red tide arrives...) When I get terrible cramps, I just put my awareness on the feelings, try to put my mind to the center of the cramps, and it starts to dissipate. It's pretty amazing, and it feels like I'm also becoming more intuitive, each time I do this.

I learned this technique from Eckhart Tolle. He wrote The Power of Now, and it's a truly eye-opening book. If you want to find peace within yourself, and discover how to live life in a way that feels more vibrant and effective, you should read it, as well as A New Earth. I gobbled up his books a few years ago, and have found the knowledge in them transforming. Okay, I hadn't meant to go here, but that's where I ended up. I'm not really one to preach ideas, but I do love helping people. So if this helps you, great!! That's what I wanted! If it doesn't, then I hope it at least gives you some food for thought. It's important to feed your brain, too, after all!

I hope you have a blessed day, and I hope you choose joy today and every day!  xox  


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Oh dear I'm not tech savvy!
I always press ctrl-alt-delete! haha!
ps: that photo is hilarious, Shari!
I'm such a bad person...I laugh whenever I see anyone falls down!

Brandi said...

I love the idea of not clinging to pain, but recognizing and accepting it and moving on. It's something I've tried to do in my life over the last few years. Recognize, accept, move on. Having some trouble with it this week, but this, too, shall pass.

Suki@Fantabulous Design said...

It's look like, I need to reboot myself every afternoon :P
Surprisingly, almost everyone I know mention about Eckhart Tolle and his book lately.

Sonja said...

Ugh isn't that annoying!?
For days my blogger reading list had dissapeared and I panicked because I knew there are so many blogs that I don't know the url to...thankfully it came back up in a few days. I'm sure it'll all get figured out! :o) I really love your positive approach!!!

Fenny Setiawan said...

Shari dear, I really hope your problem settle soon. I know it is annoying when technical glitch happen beyond our control. If the days seems so tough, just take a deep breath, step back and relax. Sometime offline and walking outside or just take a cup of your fave coffee/tea and cuddling with love one is the best solution :)...hugzzzz...

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