Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Summer Walk in Bethlehem

I got a bit of good advice today: get out of the chair! I did. I had grocery shopping to do, anyway.... so... I did that. THEN I went for a walk! There are still amazing scents to be smelled out there, even with spring behind us now. The heat was up to 85 F, the humidity was at 60%, I had my container of water, and went for it.

On my way to the cemetery, I stopped and smelled the roses. Boy, in this heat, the scent coming from them is amazing!! I also saw this lovely flowering bush, which smells crazy good, and if anyone knows what it is, please tell me.
After I got to the cemetery, the trees took over my senses... they are so huge and amazing here. I can't really describe them to you. I walk through the cemetery with my head always up, stumbling along on the pathways, because looking up is where it's at!

The trees here tower over you at around 40-50 feet into the air. No joke. Some are maybe taller, actually. I'm 5'3", so you can imagine how dwarfed I feel walking along under those behemoths! Seriously, though, on a day as hot as this one, with the sun out full blast, being under all these huge trees is a Godsend. They cool the air around you by at least 10 degrees, it seems like. And if you can catch a little breeze, you're happy as a clam or lucky as a dog! Also, down below the edge of the cliff here, there's the river, and a canal beside it. The breezes you catch from here are cooled by the water... but it's all up to the whim of Mother Nature! 

I'm going to go grab me a Drumstick ice cream cone and relax a bit now... an hour walking in the heat needs to be offset by some ice cream eating. That's how I'm going to treat myself this summer (as if life weren't enough of a treat!) I hope you do the same for yourself every once in a while! :-) You deserve it!

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Terriaw said...

What a beautiful walk! I love seeing all the beautiful blossoms you stumble across in your neighborhood. Those views of the canopy are so cool - love that perspective.

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