Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 13

This was a really fun challenge... "me and thirteen things." I decided to do it as a photo collage, and have 12 things around me, and me holding one thing. This thing happens to be a cat, Jimmy Boo. He's the only cat who'll let me hold him, so he got the honor!

Each item holds meaning for me, whether it's in the object itself, which are some childhood keepsakes, or what they represent to me, or the fact that they were a gift from someone special. Starting with the Fox, and going clockwise:

Fox: I bought him at a flea market in Santa Cruz, where I used to live.
Seashell: Given to me by my Godson, Max. It was his favorite shell.
Bird: Bought at the Rose Bowl with my sister, on a trip to L.A.
Elephant: A wooden stamp my sister got me when she was in India.
Owl: Keith & I got him & his friends in New Orleans on our way out east.
Silver flower spoon: Keith surprised me with this vintage treasure.
Eiffel Tower: I finally got to go there last year... after a lifetime of longing.
Lion Key: The Key to the Garden of Oz. From my sister.
Stone Heart: Given to me by my close friend, Debbie.
Lion Stamp: Given to me by my father. It has our family crest (Durfey) on the side of it.
Acorn: My love of nature wrapped up in one little, adorable package.
Nest: Found in my old yard, partially pulled down by a cat, which I put back together.
Center: Me and Jimmy Boo Jones.

Almost everything, including the key which grants access to one of the coolest gardens in L.A., tie back to my love of nature, animals and Life in general. The Eiffel Tower is  representative of fulfilling a dream. I'm holding one of the three things in this apartment that I'd take with me in case of fire, however. All the other things are wonderful, but they are just things. The life in my arms and the other two characters I live with mean more to me than any object ever could.


MSLibLady said...

Cute idea!

-E- said...

"jimmy boo jones". nice.

Anonymous said...

This is the coolest collague I've seen - love the picture of you and Jimmy Boo (did you get a fringe cut in?) and the objects and memories are so special. Love your closing paragraph though. This is one of my very favourite blog posts x

Orion Designs said...

Wonderful post Shari ... it is truly from the heart.

Jen V. said...

Really gorgeous...the prettiest part about it is the view it gives of your life and loves. Wonderful connections!! Thanks for sharing -

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