Saturday, June 11, 2011

Newvox Art Gallery: Grand Opening Day

Today started out so mellow, with Keith and I going to Kyle's to help weed his garden. We also watched The Darjeeling Limited, as we all enjoy Wes Anderson movies. Then we grabbed some sushi for dinner and headed over to the south side, because....
Many tomato plants, zucchini, peppers & beans

Scary scarecrow

Sprocket (I think) watching from the deck above

Tonight was the night! The grand opening of the NewVox Art Gallery, where lots of local artists are now showing their work, and indie crafters are selling their wares. My books are on display for Bethlehem peeps to take a look at, and to buy, if they so desire... :-)

There were so many people there... it was heartening to see! (More than you can see in my photos.) The art work was fabulous, really. The pieces were very interesting. I'm kind of discerning when it comes to the visual arts, in terms of what I'd enjoy seeing in my personal space, and there were lots of pieces that I really liked and would totally want to have in my home. I didn't take photos of them, as I was too busy ogling everything. But it was really fabulous.... there's a nice range of various types of media. There were paintings: oils, acrylics, mixed media. There were pen & ink drawings. There were metal sculptures, ceramic sculptures, and mixed media pieces. There were handmade candles, jewelry, handbags and purses, my journals and photo albums, and so many cool objets d'art. I'm really interested to find out if anything sells on the first night. (I hope so!!) 

It was really fantastic having some friends there to be supportive and kindly (and avidly) interested in the pieces on display. I love seeing people pick up my books and (smell them) turn them over in their hands with looks of awe or smiles on their faces. It makes me feel sooooo good! I'm really lucky to have friends and my sweetie to be so great to come out and make a fuss for me. 

It was a good weekend, and it's not even over yet. Tomorrow, I'm getting a massage in the late afternoon! Yes.... I can't wait! I hope you're having as great a weekend as I am!



Anonymous said...

How exciting for you Shari - it must have been awesome to see your books out there on display amongst all of the others. Really well done and big congratulations - I wish you every success. Sharing such special times with friends and loved ones is the best :-)

Great you hear you are having such a fine weekend x

Terriaw said...

Congratulations on your art gallery showing! What an honor and a thrill to have that opportunity. I hope you get to do it again. I know your books are really beautiful and professional, so I hope you sold a few. Great to hear you enjoyed a fabulous day overall!

karla said...

how exciting!! i need to get my work out there in the "real" world, too. this looks like so much fun!

Brandi said...

Oh, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Gallery shows are so, so exciting! I'm glad it went well!!!

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