Saturday, July 9, 2011

Food in Cancun

Aztec tortilla soup with accoutrements
So, I don't know if you've been to Mexico or not, but one of my favorite aspects of going there is the food. It's not like going to a Taco Bell. Trust me. It's so much better and healthier for you! I love the flavors, spices, freshness... it speaks to me.

Breakfast buffet
In the mornings, we'd go down to the breakfast buffet in the main restaurant at the resort and I'd get fresh eggs with housemade salsa, some wheat toast, and my favorite... fresh papaya, pineapple and various melon slices. Mmmm... I'm telling you, the fruit is out-of-this-world ripe, so sweet and juicy and perfect! Every day I had fruit like this! (More than my photo shows, haha, I didn't take pictures of my seconds!)

Pina Colada under a palapa
 In the mornings, with our coffee, we'd also get one of their six fresh fruit juices with our meals. (Typically: watermelon, guava, "green juice", cantelope, coconut, and orange juice.) And in the afternoons, it would maybe take the form of a pina colada. Let me tell you, their drinks were made with fresh fruit and coconuts, and tasted so much more delicious than you can imagine. They are the reason that the drink is so popular! I wouldn't bother getting it in the States, though. Not the same at all. 

On our last afternoon in Cancun, our favorite waiter/person in Cancun, Enrique, made sure we had a meal to remember! Grilled seafood, beans, guacamole, handmade tortillas, were all displayed for us to make our own tacos! There was also grilled skirt steak, which I ate some of, because I didn't want to waste what he'd brought. It was amazingly delicious, even though I don't eat red meat, typically. (I did in Mexico and occasionally at home when I really need iron.) A yummy fresh sangria topped off the meal! He brought us chilled shots of El Jimador tequila, too, which is a smooth tequila if ever there was one, but I couldn't do it on the last day, so lucky Keith got to take the two shots! We ate & drank like royalty here! It was wonderfully decadent, and I have to say, it's a good thing we only do this once a year! I gained some weight on this trip, despite the heat and walking and swimming. It was inevitable!

Oh Mexico, I love & miss you!


-E- said...

eggs and salsa is such a good combo.

Orion Designs said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous vacation!

Brandi said...

This is making me hungry... but you know what I'm most jealous of? Fresh guava juice!! OMG, yum.

marc l said...

Wow! Shari, I didn't know how much of a blogger you were. Very impressive! And I have to admit I'm quite jealous of some of the benefits of the all inclusive. Some of that food looked wonderful. Looks like you had a couple days of rain but maybe better overall than I did. You should definitely try Tulum in another trip. That was my favorite.

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