Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Gardening

So, it's been really hot here in verdant eastern PA. Perfect weather for growing veggies... hot and humid. Like a hot house. It IS a hot house. 

My cats sleep more than usual in this heat, as we don't crank the A/C up too high. Poor Jimmy Boo!

Anyway, the garden has been doing alright, except that there's some critter who has been eating the fruits (veggies) of our labors! Therefore, we had to construct something to keep said critters OUT.

The Anti-Squirrel Cage
I know it's not the prettiest looking cage, but it works. And check it out, the makings of a Three Bean Salad...

Three beans
Ha ha ha! We probably should have planted more than one bean plant, don't you think? We're learning! Slowly but surely we're figuring it out.

The herb garden is doing really well! It's growing out of control, which you just KNOW I love! We've already used lots of the chives, bits of the rosemary & oregano, and we even used some of the pineapple mint for tea! Still need to use some dill... the chamomile hasn't bloomed. I think we planted it too late. Bummer.

On Saturday, we were over at Kyle's house, helping with his garden again. He planted early enough to have some nice ripe veggies. As I was cutting back the honeysuckle that overhung his garden, we threw the cut flowers together in a glass, making a lovely, impromptu display of summer's floral bounty! (Kyle added the lilies, and I found some cosmos to fill in the arrangement.)

Music and flowers

I didn't take photos of the zucchinis or yellow squash... the tomatoes were going wild, and my photo wasn't that great, so you can just use your imagination. We've been enjoying the fresh zukes in our meals for the past few days! Can't wait until the tomatoes are ripe for the picking... the lettuces have been useful in everything. I also grew some mustard greens because I like adding them to my ramen when I'm being a lazy cook. Sometimes when it's this hot, you really don't feel like cooking all that much. It makes the kitchen hot and it makes you sweaty, and who has a big appetite, anyway, when it's profoundly stifling? 

I can't wait until our tomatoes are ready... some tomatoes, some cucumbers, basil, squeeze of fresh lemon, sea salt and olive oil... instant fresh summer salad! Do you have a favorite go-to summer meal when you don't feel like cooking?


Brandi said...

OMG, it's ridiculously hot here, too. Thankfully, the humidity is low, so it's not oppressive, but it's HOT. Trying to remember why I like summer so much right now, lol.

Btw, how fun is your little garden! And your cage is super ingenious!

Diane said...

The squirrel cage should do the trick! Bad little critters. Everything is coming along beautifully - nice job. Love the flower arrangement too.

Diane said...

Oh, and poor Jimmy Boo!!!

life is happy most of the time. said...

your garden look like its growing great! and i love jimmy boo with that tong hanging out! so cute!! xx

-E- said...

nice use of the word "verdant"! did i remind you of it? also, mustard greens in ramen sounds interesting. i'll have to try it. re your comment, yeah just leave it the comments and i'll hold on to it until monday.

shari said...

Thanks, everyone! The garden is doing alright!

Yes, E, I was reminded by you of "verdant"... great word! Try the greens in your ramen (kale, arugula or collard greens are also yummy in ramen!) and let me know what you think.

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