Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Clouds... the Beauty of Nature

You know I'm always walking around with my face pointing to the sky.... whether to look into the tops of trees, or to check out the clouds, or even see birds wheeling overhead. (Or hey, maybe a UFO or two!) So I wanted to share my latest photos... the sky has been amazing in this turbulent summer/fall weather.

And yes, E, I used a filter! I didn't have to, though. It just added that touch of drama that I was feeling at the time that I shot these photos. (Last evening, around twilight.)


I got the job I just applied for! Woo hoo! Yay!! It's part time work, so I should be able to keep happily blogging away... but now I'll also have some money coming in. I'm super excited! Thanks to those of you who crossed your fingers for me. ;-)


Terriaw said...

Congrats on getting the job you wanted! That must be such a relief. I can speak from experience, it will be nice having some income again.

Gorgeous photos fo clouds! Looks like you used a cool filter or effect on them, making them so dreamy. I love to watch clouds too, especially as they change, floating across the sky.

Brandi said...

Love, absolutely love. And I have to agree - the drama of each photo required a filter!

And WOOHOO on getting the job you wanted!! Congratulations my friend!

-E- said...

haha, why was i singled out there?! did i give you a hard time for using filters before or something? congrats on the job, that's great news! careful about always staring at the sky, though, or you'll end up like the philosopher Thales, who fell in a well because he was always looking towards the heavens.

shari said...

Thanks, everyone!

And yes, E, you gave me a hard time once. ;-) Actually, walking while looking up has caused me a few embarrassing moments in the past... I try to be more careful these days!

Anonymous said...

Just seen this now Shari so apologies for the lateness of the Congratulations!!!! Well done you :0)

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