Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Garden Update

So check it out! The golden cherry tomatoes have been producing for a couple weeks already! Not too many at a time... since we only have the one plant. But they are so tasty, sweet and juicy! I love the color of them, too. 

The wire cage has worked perfectly at keeping critters out of the veggies, yet allowing the maximum amount of sun and rain in to feed the plants. Yay!

We've been getting veggies from Kyle's garden, as well. Monstrous zucchini and squashes, as well as sunset tomatoes (yum!) and red cherry tomatoes... he has a very bountiful garden!

Here are a few more photos... you can see that the herb garden is going crazy. The weather has been perfect for them!

The pineapple mint is out of control, actually. I'm going to harvest and dry it, so that we can make tea in the cooler months. The dill has gone to seed, so I'll be catching those up, also. The chives, rosemary and oregano we've been using a lot of, but they still grow quite wild. I'll dry and package those for the winter. 

The lettuces I didn't photograph, but they have been great to have for our sandwiches, and for adding to soups and ramen. It's an easy way to get some greens into the diet!

The bell peppers have been doing well, also, now that there's no little creature eating them when they're babies. The bottom photo shows the newest baby bell. The top photo shows one that's growing, but not ready yet. They're yellow bell peppers, so we still have to wait for them to turn yellow.

We're excited by our small bounty! Next year we're starting early with seedlings in May, in some containers in the house. Then we'll be ready after Mother's Day to plant outside. We didn't think we were doing a garden this year, so all of this was planted so late... June, I think. Anyway, too late for a real good harvest to be expected. Regardless, we've learned a lot this summer, and we'll be ready next spring!


Terriaw said...

Yay, your garden looks fabulous! I've never seen golden cherry tomatoes - what a treat! I planted mint a couple years ago, and then found out it's invasive and spreads like crazy, so I ended up digging it out. Good thing yours is in a container to keep it contained. How fun to get some other veggies from Kyle's garden! I love those late summer crops of zucchini and squash

Anonymous said...

Yeay what wonderful garden goodness! I've not seen yellow cherry toms either. My daughter got some chocolate mint a couple of years ago (smells wonderful) but mint, as you say, is very invasive. Great idea with the mesh surround :-)

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