Friday, September 23, 2011

7 Things

Well, now! I've never received any type of blog award, so this is a first for me... The deal is this: I received a tag (as in, "tag! you're it!") from Katia of Chestnut Mocha blog, a very fun (and inspiring) blog that she does with Ben, her other half... Thank you, Katia! So now it's my turn to first tell seven things about myself that no one knows, and then to tag other bloggers in return! I'm quite flattered when anyone wants to know anything about me, ha ha, since I'm usually the curious one.
The most recent pic of me, with J Boo entwined.
What to start with? Hmmm... ha ha

1. I love to read so much that I typically read several books at once, usually from different genres, for whatever my mood is at that time. Then I read them while eating, doing laundry, instead of doing laundry, and before bed.

2. I love animals so much that I can not go to an animal shelter, or watch a commercial about animal shelters or charities, without crying, which my closest friends/family already know, but many others probably do not know. All of my donations go to animal charities, for the most part.

3. I believe in the power of the individual to effect change. I've seen enough instances of this that I truly feel that each of us has the ability and the power to create the goodness we want for ourselves and others in this life.

4. I secretly wish that I were a quantum physicist. I think they're so cool! I'm just not that great at math, and I never even took a physics class. 

5. I love ghost stories, and used to try to capture ghost images with my camera at cemeteries. Then I figured out that that's probably the last place that a ghost would hang out. I'm a sucker for Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.

6. I sing out loud when I'm alone, either driving or at home, even though I know I sound bad. I used to wish I were Madonna. Mostly because I was young when she was first hitting it big, and I was jealous that she could sing and dance, and that she was such a rebel.

7. I believe in Sasquatch, the Yeti, and the Abominable Snowman. They found DNA proof of a creature that is not quite human, yet not quite a simian, on Destination Truth. (I'm a sucker for that show, too.) The proof is there, so I believe. Life is more interesting with the possibility that they exist, don't you think?

So now that you know that I'm a geeky, tree-hugging weirdo, will you still be reading my blog? Ha ha! If not, I totally understand. (No, I don't!) But I hope you'll stick around... if for no other reason than to see what other crazy things I might say!!

Now, I'd like to pass the torch on to seven of my fellow bloggers, whom I just love to read... I hope they'll share seven of their secrets, too! Some of my blogger buddies have already revealed their Seven Secrets, and so I didn't ask them to reveal any more... we all need to keep SOME of our secrets, right? 

Here are my Tags:

I saw that Sonja from Big {Blue (print)} Ball is already on Chestnut Mocha's list, and she's on mine, too!

Fenny from F for Fabulous, whom I think is really sweet and has a lovely blog.

-E- from Mount Aenos, whose blog helps to make me sound smarter.

Brandi from Brandi Girl Blog, who inspires me with her color confidence and technical know-how.

Rebekkah of Life is Happy Most of the Time, who's a friend of mine that I think is so sweet and creative, and I wish she were HERE.

Cynthia of Beach Coast Style, whose posts always refresh my soul, which needs that beachy breeze every now and then.

Shannon of **Happiness Is...** because I think she's one of the coolest chicks on the Internet!

To all those I tagged, please don't feel badly if you don't have time to post a response. I am all about doing what feels good and right to you. So no worries, friends. This is just my shout-out to you since I think you're all fabulous! And if I didn't tag you, it's not because I don't want to know more about you... it's just that I have a blog list a mile long, and I had to stop somewhere! 

Thanks again, Katia! 


Brandi said...

I LOVE Ghost Hunters, too!! I think you and I should meet up at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado and go investigating one year...

-E- said...

wow, thanks for the shout out! were these supposed to be secrets? because i bet i could have guessed at least 3 of these. just joshing you. also, you should pick "quantum mechanics and experience" when you win a book from me: it's great and it's aimed at non-physicists.

shari said...

Brandi... as long as it's not in the winter time! "Heeeere's Shari!"

E, you're welcome! Oh, absolutely... if (when) I win a book from you, I'll definitely choose that one!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Ahhh shari! Thanks for passing the torch onto me! I love your secrets! I believe in the Yeti too! :) I don't feel like I have any secrets. Everyone knows every nerdy thing about me already! But I promise to think long and hard about it. There has to be something! xo

Fenny Setiawan said...

Awww.. Shari. Thanks for tagging me. And thanks for sharing the 7 secret to us which is all mostly so cute haha..

And what I suppose to do now? blogging about my 7 secret? I would love to join this cute trending :)

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