Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Little Job, Big Job

Holding down a job and trying to maintain blogging has been more difficult than I'd imagined. Last week, I worked a tad over the hours of a regular, full-time job: 42 hours. And I obviously didn't get to blog too much, which is maybe a good thing. I came home tired every day.

I've forgotten what it takes to stay creative while also working. My mindset is so different between the two activities. At work, I keep my mind tightly reined in, remembering client's names, making sure to have everything done that needs to be at every moment, keeping the place clean and tidy, multi-tasking a lot.... When I blog, I tend to relax my mind, just letting it open up and find the connections between things, and look for the beauty or clarity within the thoughts. I'm looser of mind and body.

I've been finding my place at the new job. It wasn't easy at first, but has gotten much easier, which is not to say that it's gotten less busy. But I now know what I need to do to keep things moving like a well-oiled machine. I also understand how to work the software and view the schedule like a player in a chess game. I see the art in the science of it, and that's when I'm happiest.

Right now, however, since I'm relatively new to the work schedule, I haven't really found the balance between work and play. I give my all at work, so when I get home, I'm pretty much exhausted. I want to do fun things with friends, but don't have the energy left. How do you keep the energy and desire to have a social life while also working a regular job? How do you do it with a more taxing career? Is it a mental state? Diet? These are not rhetorical questions, I really hope you'll share your tips with me. 
A heart for you from Santa Cruz, CA

On another note, I can't believe that in a week, I'll be in California! Sweet, six-pound baby Jesus! I'm very, very excited about this and getting MORE excited!! I know I'll miss my cats, and possibly my apartment, but it won't take the shine off this trip! I should be able to blog, too, since my mom has a computer that usually works and is connected to the Interweb. Either way, I will have some material for my blogs for a while! :-)

Also, when I return, Bethlehem will be in the full Fall Swing! Oh, Autumn... you have quickly become my favorite time of year! NEVER thought I'd say or think that, but it's true. I love the cooler, sunny weather, and the jewel-tones of the leaves all around... it's just stunning!

I hope you all have a wonderful and inspired day! xox


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Oh, I feel you Shari!
I still struggle juggling my time wisely...
Can't believe Fall is here again~

Brandi said...

I have no advice, my friend, because I'm often in the same boat. I have no idea how to balance work and life! But I am glad that you're finding your place at work!

Terriaw said...

Oh boy, can I relate to getting used to working again. It was fun not working for a year, but now it's been a huge adjustment working full time hours at such a fast-paced job. Still trying to find/make that work-play balance myself! I'm finding it most important to do your best and then move on so you can relax in your free time.

Sometimes I have to force myself to just sit and chill. I have found doing yoga is quite relaxing, as is going for walks or hiking on the weekends. Finally, not starting new projects while I'm already working on something helps so I'm not putting unneeded pressure on myself.

shari said...

Lenore, yes, fall is almost here... yay!

Thanks, Brandi, I'm glad, too. :-)

Terri, that's great advice! I have a tough time with yoga because of my knees, but exercise in general might help to calm me down enough to get to a creative space after work. And yes, not putting extra pressure on is also a good thing. Thank you for your thoughtful advice.

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