Friday, September 2, 2011

What a Week! And Thoughts on "Big Brother"

Well, I'm in full swing, work-wise. I had one day off this week, and I'm working today, and this whole weekend. Until we find another body to help out, I'll be doing a lot of hours. The great thing is that I like everyone I work with, my boss is awesome, and there's always that lovely walk to work. I really am a lucky gal!

It's true that I'm still adjusting to working at all, since for the last year and a half, I was a "woman of leisure," only doing what I felt like doing, waking up when I wanted to and all that jazz. My life was (and still is) doubleplusgood! I was creating, baking, cooking, shopping, blogging, reading, reading, reading.... I'm currently reading 1984, by George Orwell. I always wanted to read it because I really liked the Eurhythmics song by the same name. A coworker of mine back in my construction days had a habit of referring to it, and told me I should read it. He felt like our corporate office was very similar to Big Brother. He was an endearing nutter. I miss him! Anyway, I always wanted to read it, so when I saw it for fifty cents at the Library Book Sale a while back, I bought it. It's interesting, but I don't really agree with Mr. Orwell's pessimistic view of where the future of our world was headed. Even now, I sense that there's a greater inclination towards finding enlightenment and self-empowerment, rather than the sheep-like desire to relinquish control to the "greater mind" of any government. Yes, televisions are in every home, but not all people are totally sublimated in that media. It's not as all-encompassing as Mr. Orwell predicted. Is it? Not for me, anyway, nor for many people that I know. I'll admit that my circle is small.... and maybe there are some similarities in Orwell's future that can be seen today. I just think it's very pessimistic to believe that people will blindly accept that our country is at war with another nation simply because our government tells us that we are. Uhhh.... or that we'd blindly hate another nationality simply because we perceived that they were our country's current nemesis... Um. Wait. Give me a minute, here. Okay, so maybe that could happen. Maybe it DID happen. There were always those whose voices were clear and true, who brought us back to ourselves and out of our blind and united hatred, right? I kind of remember a few people who spoke with reason, compassion and sense. I remember having a feeling of "snapping out it" in those post-9-11 days. (When many were treated poorly, or out-right persecuted for their appearance, even if they weren't right-wing Muslim supporters of Osama bin Laden.)

And listen, history itself, it seems to become clearer after events, right? We may be misled for a while by the greater media in regards to current events, but when the dust has settled, and distance has cooled all tempers, it seems to me that the Truth Will Out. Eventually. So, unlike Orwell's grim future of Oceania, where the past is constantly rewritten to reflect the current policies and political alignments, in our present day, there are still those with a conscience who will speak the truth and set things right. Well. That's what I believe, anyway. Who knows, really? I choose to believe that We are more good than evil. I choose to act with a conscience and do what I feel is right. If everyone does their small part, then We, as a species, truly have a chance to see a future bright and wonderful, and I still think that good begets good. I believe that in the future, all things will finally be revealed to be connected, and that each person's contributions are very important and worthwhile. That's how I choose to live my life. So while I finish Orwell's frightening story of a future full of drones, sheep, and elitists, I am comforted by knowing that it's all a fantasy written to forewarn us of the dangers of not thinking for ourselves; a warning of what could happen if we allow any government to meddle too much in our lives. Governments were created for order... to hold back chaos. They were never created to be our parents, or Big Brother. They're meant to be the voice of the people, not the other way around. 

(And this is why I don't typically read books like this! OMG, I'm stepping off my soap box now!)

Have a fabulous day, friends! I'm off to make myself some breakfast, do something completely crazy and life-affirming, and prove that I am NOT a sheep!



Sonja said...

haha, I've never read that book, but I completely understand your reaction... there's been many a book that have caused me to overthink things and ponder them non stop.
have fun not being a sheep!!! :o)

-E- said...

re your comment: yeah, i have actually! why do you ask? i've only done shorter (3-pitches or so) climbs, by the way. still need to tackle The Nose!

Fenny Setiawan said...

That a very deep thought that you wrote today :). Have a blessed day ahead sweet Shari.

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet shari, i have not read that book too but there are books that i read that made me ponder on things for a bit. Totally understand. I hope you get some time to rest in your busy schedule. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

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