Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Planning for Halloween...

So this year, for Halloween, we've been invited to a few parties. We haven't yet decided if we're going to all, some, or one. (Or none!) But I preemptively started working on a costume, just in case. I do NOT like coming up with last-minute costumes. They are rarely that cool, you know? 

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I went into our local vintage clothing/second-hand thrift store, The Attic, and started perusing.... they have a couple sections at this time of year that they use for costumes, or clothing that could be easily used as part of a costume. I found something pretty cool... a little red cape with a hood. Yes. Red Riding Hood is born. K will make an excellent Wolf, whether dressed in Grandma's nightgown, or as a sexy, wolfish man, who could change into a wolf at any time... like in one of my all-time favorite werewolf movies, The Company of Wolves, which is an adult Red Riding Hood story. I love it because the wolf is not the bad guy. The wolf is NOT the bad guy. It's the wolf inside the man that's prone to being dangerous. If you know me at all, you'll know that I love wolves, and I have met many wolves in person. They are amazing and awesome creatures. I wish that everyone could meet a wolf and understand what I know: they are merely God's creatures, who are not evil. They have life-time loves, they care for their pups, they live in packs because they are happiest with their families. They are far better creatures than some human beings are. Just because they are also near the top of the food chain is why they've been persecuted by Man for so long. It isn't fair of us to claim the top alone. We weren't even here first. 

ANYWAY! I digress! (Let's just say I love wolves and leave it at that, okay?) I am very excited to put together my costume, based on a revised fairy tale made more to my liking. I just hope I can convince K to go along with me on this! He really wants to be a Bad Wolf. I admit that seeing him in a granny nightgown & sleeping bonnet would be funny & bizarre. We'll see how the hunt for costume accessories goes... that could be the deciding factor. 

After doing some quick researching, I learned (actually, I re-learned, since I remember hearing this when I was younger) that Halloween was originally Samhain, a Celtic day signifying the end of harvest and the beginning of winter, where the lines between the living and dead were thought to be blurred. It originated over 2000 years ago! Because they believed that the spirits were closer at this time of year, they had bonfires, and dressed in animal skins, tried to tell each other's fortunes. After the Romans had conquered most of the Celts, their celebration of Samhain was incorporated into the Roman celebration of Pomona (apple) which was a harvest celebration. Thus, harvests and bobbing for apples was brought into the ancient Halloween tradition. 

Ever wonder where "trick-or-treating" came from? In Colonial America, mischief-making was a chief part of Halloween. And in the late 1800's, due to the large influx of Irish and English immigrants escaping the potato famine, asking for food or money at Halloween started. It wasn't until around the 1920's, that giving treats was a way to prevent the mischief of pranksters... if you gave a treat, you wouldn't have any tricks played on you. This became a part of the American Halloween tradition.   

Are you dressing up for Halloween? If you are, what do you want to dress up as? What's your favorite aspect of this crazy holiday? I love how it's full of creative opportunities. 

Carving pumpkins + making & eating yummy goodies + creating costumes + getting a new persona for a night = FUN!

From last year's pumpkin carving party


Brandi said...

I loooove Halloween, but sadly, I don't think I'll be dressing up this year. I will say that one of my favorite costumes was going as the Mad Hatter, but I just don't have the energy for it this year. I'm just going to huddle under the covers and watch scary shows instead!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Halloween and I love the look of pumpkins (that orange glow) but I won't be dressing up.... the children like to talk about their costumes and enjoy trick or treating though. Sounds like you are having lots of fun researching your costume and the traditions behind them :0)

-E- said...

have you seen the curb your enthusiasm episode where larry gets a trick pulled on him for refusing to give a treat?

Terriaw said...

I do love Halloween and the entire season around it. I love carving pumpkins and putting tea lights in them like lanterns. Love pumpkin bakery too! I love the idea of dressing up but usually fizzle out. I went to a costume party recently and dressed up as Uma Therman's character in Pulp Fiction -!!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

interesting trivias, Shari!
I used to be so excited to dress up...perhaps i'm getting too old for it now. I'm all for the sweets & extra calories though~hah!

shari said...

Seems like a lot of people don't dress up, unless they live in LA. Ha ha! All my friends there always dress up!

I enjoy the creative aspect of putting together a costume. Fulfills a part of my desire to be a costume designer, I think. ;-)

E, no, I didn't see that episode... sounds like a recipe for hilarity, though!

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet shari, Halloween is such fun! Sadly it's not very popular here and only peepz that go to some clubs dress up or little kids. I really love what you found ~ a red hood! How cool is tat!! I love Halloween decorations too. I am planning to buys two small pumpkins for my little studio. :)

Thank YOU so much for your kind words on my newest journal creations. I am planning to drop them in my etsy shop really soon. A few more things to share, and then all the journals will be available really soon! Do keep a look out for them.

Have a lovely merry happy day sweet friend and love to you!

trishie said...

How awesome is that carved pumpkin!!!
We don't celebrate halloween much in Australia but I think we should.

StarletStarlet said...

Thanks for the Halloween background recap! The trick or treating history is very interesting.

In any case, they should totally make Halloween an actually no work holiday!

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