Friday, November 18, 2011

New York in Autumn

I forgot to share with you all my visit to NYC with K to see my sister and some friends... it was a beautiful day there, too! My sister is visiting for a month (November) to get some work done, and also to see her friends, and me. :-) She brought along our friend, Lucy, and her new baby, M! She's soooo cute!!

Taken by my sister, S. Me next to K, in sunglasses.
M, up close. Isn't she adorable?
The leaves in the park were glorious, and we were all snapping away! 

K and I had gotten there earlier than they did, so we trekked through Central Park and had lunch at Caffe Grazie, a two-story restaurant along the east edge of upper Central Park. It was cozy, and the service was nice, and at the end of our meal, my sister and Lucy showed up! 

A Kir Royale at Caffe Grazie
Hilariously, we were all supposed to meet up at the Neue Gallery, but when K & I found out that it was $20 to get in, we figured we'd eat lunch then meet up with the ladies after... only to discover that they didn't plan to go in, either, they just wanted to go to Cafe Sabarsky, inside! Soooo... we left Caffe Grazie and stood in line to get into Cafe Sabarsky! It took a while... that place is hoppin'! 

Kaiser Melange, at Sabarsky... mmm....
The draw there is the authentic German food, and the (for us, at least) the Kaiser Melange, a cup of Viennese coffee with hand-whipped cream on top! It was soooo good. Perfect for such a chilly day. K tried the spiced, mulled wine and liked it a lot. I tasted it, too, and it was yummy! A few people got lunch (those who didn't eat with us previously) and K & I got desserts. Sooo good! I highly recommend a visit to this place the next time you're on the Upper East Side.

Afterwards, we crossed Central Park (again! boy, were my feet hurting...) and saw boat races, people walking their dogs, and enjoying the fall sunshine. It was nice.

Tiny sailboats on the pond

K admiring the foliage above

Marisol, Sharlene, Lucy and Keith under a tunnel

Afterwards, we made our way towards a meeting place/dinner location that wasn't too far away, though it was far ENOUGH for my aching dogs. We wound up at another Italian restaurant for wine and appetizers, which turned into dinner.

Delicious wine from the wine bar
I can't recall the name of the wine bar, but it was cozy, and we had fun! After we finished our food and wine, we all left, K & I for the Port Authority bus terminal, and everyone else for Brooklyn. I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed meeting Marlowe for the first time that day. She's a real sweetheart... she fell asleep while K was holding her, giving Lucy a break, which was the cutest thing ever! :-) I think he was a little smitten with her. Well, who wouldn't be?


Terriaw said...

What a treat to spend a weekend in New York City! especially in fall when the colors and the weather are so beautiful. We always love visiting family who live there.

Brandi said...

Marlowe is adoooooorable!

Fenny Setiawan said...

It looks so nice at NYC. I always want to go to that city :) hopefully one day. Happy Holiday Shari :)

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