Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter Time

A few days ago, we woke up to a winter wonderland...

It has since mostly melted away. I admit that I'm kind of glad for this. My tires weren't made for winter weather, and it wasn't warm enough to walk to work for a couple days. On top of that, I've been sick, so it's better that we're back up to the 40's. Strange to think that in California, a day that topped at 45 would have kept me indoors! Now it feels warm!

Both of my cats are doing very well now, though I'm watching them closely. I appreciate everyone's good wishes!

K's dad is mostly in his own world now, it seems like. Last Sunday, though, he and K shared a really special moment that lifted our spirits and filled us with love... They had sustained eye-contact for several minutes, and K felt him on the other end of the gaze. K called it a Soul Gaze, which is something he and I have done several times and which bonds us together more tightly. If you knew how rare a thing it is to connect with someone whose brain is now riddled with cancer, you'd understand how very big this moment was for all of us... We've all missed his dad, though he is right in front of us. His mom especially has missed the love of her life. We all silently ask ourselves how much awareness his dad has, and hope for a sign every day, that he's still THERE. On Sunday, we got that sign. It was really a blessed gift, and we were all so thankful!

Right now we'll take anything, of course. But a real soul gaze... Who could hope for something that tangible and rich in love and awareness? It was pretty awesome.

I hope you're having a blessed week, month, year. ❤


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Terriaw said...

the day after a winter storm is the best time to go out and take pictures, while everything is still fresh. But it sure isn't fun to be out walking or driving in.

What a special moment for Keith and his dad to connect like that. Kind of surreal and other worldly. My heart goes out to you and the rest of the family during these difficult times.

Diane said...

Shari-Beautifully shared. Thank you.

Brandi Hussey said...

Oh, friend, I've been thinking of you, and hoping things have been going okay for you and K and the family. How validating it must have felt for K to connect with his dad like that!

Erin said...

Those moments will come farther and farther between, and then later you and K will realize there were even more than you thought.

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