Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gems & Minerals of the earth

I was visiting my sister in Los Angeles, with my husband, for the New Year. My sister was very excited to tell me that there would be a gem & mineral exhibit at the LA Natural History Museum. We LUUUUV rocks! (And what girl doesn't like some sparklies?) So after New Year's, on one of our days to hang out, we checked it out.

It was A-MAZING!! Oh my gosh... the colors, textures and forms that are created in the earth and on it are mind-numbing! I now understand why certain blues are called "azure" because azurite is the deepest, richest blue you will ever see!

If I can get the picture to post, you'll see what I mean! And the tower of topaz was equally breath-taking.... Mother Nature is awesome. I mean it. Take a look around and really, really SEE her. The next time you go outside, really look at her forms and her color. The leaves: the shape, the color, the veining, the shading, the purpose that it serves... really think about it! Or the tree that the leaf grows on, and supports... it's just so fantastic when you really absorb it all. I think we must be the luckiest creatures in this universe. We are so loved and so blessed. Don't you think so?

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