Friday, January 9, 2009

The New Year: 2009 will be Divine

I have high hopes for the new year. I expect that it will bring great things! There will be change for the better. There will be creativity and deep thoughts. There will be beauty, love, joy and good intentions.

I started it out quite well, I must say! Anthony and I went to LA to share the New Year's celebration with my sister and friends. Miss Smartypants stayed with my best friend's parents, which is where she was born and grew up. She had an exhaustively wonderful time there! Just as we did down south. (We all needed a day or two to recuperate from the week's festivities!)

I think the best part of being in LA is the amount of creativity that abounds. There's an esthetic there that is lacking in little ol' Fremont. There are artsy stores, restaurants, people and places. In Fremont you're lucky if you have a second-hand store with anything besides old pots and pans or geriatric clothing. In LA you get karaoke singing in Trader Joe's... or places called The Garden of Oz where you need a special key to get thru the gate, where there are many levels of magical mosaics to picnic on in the sunshine.

Yes, it's tough sometimes living in a town that is devoid of character when your soul feels parched for richness and magic. Yes, I know that we must make a heaven out of our present condition. I try to remember this after returning from La La Land. Who knows, maybe Ant & I will find ourselves moving to warmer climes to enjoy what's left of our youth. It wouldn't be so bad....

So here's to 2009! A year in which we find ourselves by digging a little deeper. A year where we lose ourselves to joy and bliss out on life! A year in which we make exciting decisions and do daring things! Cheers to you all! Happy New Year!

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