Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exploring my surroundings...

I am slowly getting to know my neighborhood. It has taken me several times of getting lost, and I know I'm not done getting lost, to figure out some of the streets around here. The Silver Lake area is very artsy and fun, and generally pretty young. You definitely don't go to the grocery store (Trader Joe's is walking distance from me) without putting on makeup and something nice. Believe me, you'll feel like a real dork if you go in crappy sweats and baggy t-shirt without your face on.

It's been interesting... there are many boutiques nearby, cafes, restaurants, etc, that are all individually owned and operated. I recently met the owner of the pet store called Catts & Doggs, Dee Dee, who only sells products that are good for your pets and aren't full of unhealthy fillers. She's very nice and the store is really cute!

There are a few places that I want to check out still, which I haven't yet: Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory. Both are in the same general area, and are supposed to be really great places to hike and take pictures, and possibly have a picnic! I've found some great second hand stores where awesome deals can be found! I got three pairs of awesome jeans (pricey when new) for $8 each!! That was my favorite deal of the season! They all fit like they cost a fortune, but were less than I'd pay for a good lunch!

I still have a lot of exploring to do... which I plan to tackle a little at a time. No sense in rushing things. I have all the time in the world!

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