Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well, I am finally at a point in my new space where I have the room to start working! I've organized and rearranged the existing furnishings to where I feel I can be creative again. This is good! Without a proper work environment, doing anything can be frustrating, and hinder the creative process.

So I started on two art journals... guts only at this point. I should be completed with the insides and ready to start the covers today! I'm hoping that they will do well at Ivanhoe Books in Silver Lake, my friend Lucy's store. She lit the fire under my ass to get going, so I'm off like a herd of turtles! Anyone who actually has had turtles knows that this is actually quite fast!

I will post photos as I get them completed! It's hard to go TOO fast because Beckham is always interfering with my painting process, and he gets in the way while I'm working with leather, as well. He still doesn't leave the room too much during the day, so I must learn to work together with him! Luckily, Jimmy Boo doesn't have the same interest in my work! He just sleeps in his condo, or watches from above, as I work on my pages....

Wish me luck... I haven't made a book in months, and my creativity has felt a little cramped with the move. Love to all.

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