Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Riverwalk & The Alamo

Today was all about downtown SA. The heat was a bit stifling, but occasionally, there would be a nice breeze blowing through.

Some of the people in the crowds were wearing name badges on green neck straps, and there were a LOT of them!! They came from all over the world and filled most of the hotels, restaurants, stores and sidewalks in SA. We found out eventually that they were all here for an AA convention. That explained the banner over a section of a plaza that read, "Sober City."

Walking along the Riverwalk is lovely.... The water ambling through, the shaded stone walkways, the shade trees overhanging the walks & the fun array of shops & restaurants along the way.... It's just sooo hot right now that for me, it was making me feel slightly claustrophobic. It's not the peaceful stroll that the city planners probably hoped it would be. Highlights: baby ducks & their parents swimming down the river, all the flowers in bloom on the bushes & trees.

The Alamo was actually so crowded that we never got inside the building. The grounds were filled with people too, as conventioneers and tourists fought for space around the fountains & displays of the reenactors of the Mission period. It was hectic and colored white hot by my over-exposure to the sun & heat of Texas.

Before leaving, though, we got some Ben & Jerry's at the Riverwalk to cool off our innards, then headed back to the ol' Rodeway Inn. The worst hotel ever, with the smokiest room & a freight train that barrels by only 20 feet behind our room! We're just happy that the air conditioner works!!

Tonight we're checking out the fireworks in town & getting some Texas barbecue for dinner...

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