Thursday, August 5, 2010

Enough about traveling...

Okay, I know I was going to blog about Levanto & Monterosso, Italy. I never really got around to it because before I knew it, I was in Mexico for a week, then on a road trip across the United States! But I think you get the point: it's an amazing world out there with so much to see!! The colors change in every part of the world. The palettes are different, and the smells are different. Everyone should get out there and see the world! I hope that you got a little excitement and maybe a little incentive to go out and about. It really is fascinating out there! SO much to see and do, taste and smell, touch and sense. A smorgasbord of beautiful reality!

What I want to start now is Journaling with Intention. I've often journaled about places that I've visited, about things that I've seen and done. But I've never journaled about WHAT I WANT. I've never really put a lot of energy, thought, and DRIVE into pointing my intentions into a specific direction. I want to do that now. 

From everything that I've learned about The Secret, spending just a few minutes a day visualizing what you want will help you in drawing those things to you through the Law of Attraction. Can you imagine the power of spending more than just a few minutes doing something that you enjoy, and directing that energy into the things that you want? The way that I plan to do it is to do a page for each individual thing that I want (or want to acheive) for myself. I'm going to be very specific about it, and really try to put my visualizations onto paper. I've already made myself a movie (1:20; short!) for my affirmations, and I'm watching it every morning and every evening, and it makes me really happy to see it! That's a big part of being in the right space! Just feeling good and being happy!

So.... my journaling journey begins. Today I will do my first Journaling with Intention page, and get myself started in the right direction for me. I hope you will give it a try, too, and see if it can help direct you and possibly change your mindset for a positive  direction, as well as your life! 

Blessings to you! xoxo

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