Thursday, August 19, 2010

Your Greatest Strengths

What are your greatest strengths? What attributes do you associate with yourself? What attributes do others associate with you? My journal challenge was to figure out what those strengths are, and to own them. It's sometimes really hard to give yourself credit for things. Some of us are naturally over-modest about our abilities or qualities that people admire in us. However, I am starting to learn that we should celebrate those things in ourselves, and give thanks for those things, in order to help them to grow and manifest into tools for helping us achieve our goals. 

So take a few minutes today, and in your journal write about your strengths... really think about them, and ask friends and family if you aren't coming up with more than one or two. Try to list at least 10 positive attributes/qualities/gifts that you have for the people around you and the world at large, and especially for yourself! Don't be embarrassed, either. These are GOOD things, not bad things, and they shouldn't be hidden! Own the wonderful parts of you! Really feel good about those things! I know it's hard sometimes. It's hard for me! But in the privacy of your own space, let those things out and let them surround you in a circle of love. Because if we can't recognize those amazing things about ourselves, then how can we expect other people to? 


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