Friday, August 13, 2010

Journaling... Primary Beliefs

One of the exercises that I've done for my journaling pages is defining what my Primary Beliefs are about these five main areas of belief systems:


The exercise was to write down one empowering and one disempowering idea that I have about each of my specific belief systems. It was really fascinating! I found that each of my disempowering ideas was in direct contrast to my empowering ideas! That means that I have been working against myself in my adult lifetime. You honestly can't get anywhere in life if you are pushing and pulling at the same time. You just end up in exactly the same place!

For example: one of my empowering ideas about Love is that it is a beautiful thing. Love is beautiful. Love is all-important. One of my disempowering ideas about Love is that people can get jaded and close themselves off from love. However, the type of love that caused me to originally formulate that specific idea wasn't a love borne of real power. It was a love that I had for people where the love wasn't reciprocated, and therefore, it was the kind of love that stems from my ego's need for approval/validation/etc. It wasn't the kind of love that comes from spirit and truth. Yet, I have been hanging onto that as part of my belief system about Love!

If you try to do this exercise yourself, I think you'll find some similar eye-opening contradictions in your own belief system.... it's apparently very typical. We base our belief systems on past experiences, even though we may have been very young, inexperienced, or uninformed, at the time of the experience. Then we hold onto those experiences as the basis for how we perceive the rest of our experiences. It's easy to fall into, isn't it? I mean, I've grown so much since the times when my heart was broken by someone, and have learned so much more about myself and about love since those times, and yet, when asked about what my beliefs about Love are, I found that they were based on those old experiences, and not the new ones that I've formed in my adult years!

Breaking down those "supports" for your beliefs are a way to open up your eyes (and heart) to what is important and wonderful about this world that we live in. It's a way to break the chains that hold us to behaviors and thought patterns that could be holding us back from our true happiness! I challenge you to do this exercise for yourself, and see what you find out about your own belief systems! Happy journaling! Blessings to all.... xoxo

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