Friday, September 3, 2010

Button Palette

For Brandi's "Inspired by Art Materials" palette submission, I chose a tray of buttons that I have for use in various art projects. I love the subtle colors of these old buttons. 
Buttons in vintage typeset tray
For some reason, buttons make me want to make things! They inspire by the form and functionality, I think. There's as interesting as beads to me, and I love that I got a huge can of buttons for $1 at a yard sale. What a steal!


Brandi said...

Ha, how funny - buttons make me want to make things, too... except I can't sew. But one day, maybe I'll slow down long enough to learn! This is a fabulous palette, thanks for playing along!

shari said...

I can't really sew, either... but I like buttons anyway!

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