Friday, September 3, 2010

Scallop Palette

Alas, sooo inspired by Brandi's challenge! I've created a palette from the seashells I collected last weekend while on the Jersey Shore. I guess this would go under "Blogger's Choice". Nature has always been my biggest inspiration, after all. And seashells are one of my greatest passions. 

I hope you like it. It's very much a fall palette, even though people usually associate seashells with summer. The scallops had a lot of earth tones in them, which I only really realized after getting samples of their colors! Very interesting... fall is definitely on its way!


Brandi said...

I agree, this is totally a fall palette! And isn't it great how the beach can inspire all year round? Love these colors!

shari said...

Thanks, Brandi! Yes, the beach inspires all year round... sounds like a theme for some more color palettes!!

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