Monday, September 6, 2010

Finch - A New Fascination

After Brandi Girl turned me on to a cool blog site called Kris's Color Stripes, I dug around her archives and found a link to another inspirational artist/crafts person, named Finch. He's from the UK, and he's brilliant! He makes things from vintage materials, and found objects, and turns them into magical creatures and enchanting treasures...

His creations are what I wish I could do... I'm not a seamstress or even handy with a sewing machine, but I LOVE fabrics and threads and buttons and ribbons. I've always wanted to be able to express myself with soft-goods. The best I can do (up til now) is make felt creatures. I have to hand-stitch everything, though, as it's all I know how to do. Here's a picture of Satori, a bunny pirate I made for my sister a couple years ago.

 The fabrics I used for his clothes were all vintage fabrics, in a way... they were bits of leftover fabrics that my mom still had from clothes she made us when we were really little. My sister recognized them pretty much right away. The eyelet lace was also a leftover from outfits my mom had made us when we were children. Maybe I'll try some more plushies. I don't know. It's hard with cats, because they're always going after the trailing threads! It makes it hard to create things when they're around, sometimes. However, I wouldn't have it any other way! 

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