Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another New York Visit... for an Art Show!

My good friend, Casey O'Connell, had her first art gallery showing in New York last week, at Reaves Gallery in the Chelsea District... it was fantastic! She was so excited, as were my friends & I who know and love her. This was her dream since she was a little girl! And we were there when it finally expressed itself as a reality... it was wonderful! Her friend, Ally, blogged the experience of getting these huge paintings from Florida to NYC... Here are some pictures from her show. Casey is the adorable woman in red, white and black... the one with the biggest smile on her face!

Casey in the center. Isn't she adorable?

My Sweetie's favorite painting in the background there.

My Sweetie!

My favorite painting...

 If you're going to be in New York in the weeks before Christmas, you can still see her work up for three weeks. You can't see any detail in her paintings from my photographs, but they are amazing! There's so much love and life in her paintings. You must see for yourself!! 

Congratulations, Casey... YOU DESERVED THIS SHOW!! xoxoxoxoxo

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Terriaw said...

What an amazing event! You must be so proud of your friend Casey. And what a thrill for her to have her dream come true. I was in that very neighborhood last weekend, so I'm kicking myself for not stopping in to the gallery to see her beautiful work.

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