Friday, February 11, 2011

Easy Valentine's Day Card Tutorial

Here's a simple card you can make for your special person on Valentine's Day. It's up to you what you want to put on it, but I'll give you the basics!

Fold over, then lift top back to work on bottom of card

Start with a long piece of heavy paper, like watercolor paper or cardstock. Fold to about an inch in front of the bottom edge.

Use gridline to help with where to end cuts

Heart should stop be just below the gridline

Line up the top edge with a gridline, so you can see where the edge would lay, then lift the top sheet away and with an X-acto knife, cut out a heart shape until it reaches just past the line. Do not finish the bottom of the heart, though, or you will cut out the heart from the paper. You don't want to do that for this card.

Note that hearts are still connected to the paper

Next, line up a clear scale or piece of paper, so you can see where you should cut your next heart shape out. They hearts will be connected and hold the front of the card down. Next, using either watercolors, color pencils, pens, or whatever you prefer, color the hearts, finishing the bottom of the shape with the color. I like to put a piece of scratch paper behind the heart as I work, so that I don't accidentally color onto the background.

Finish heart shape using color

Scratch paper behind the hearts help
I like to do a warm wash of color inside with watercolors, but you can alternately leave it plain, use another craft paper inside, or do whatever makes you happy.

I make a warm wash of color inside, then I'll write a sweet sentiment or poem

Then I like to decorate the front with more watercolor hearts. You could adhere a photo, or anything you like, really. I just like to keep it simple! I hope you like this little tutorial on making a simple, but fun, Valentine's Day card!

Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovely people! Celebrate Love this weekend! xoxo 


Rocio Rincon said...

They are so lovely! Thanks for sharing this tutorial! Xoxo ♥

Rocio R.

Terriaw said...

what a fun project! I love the pop up heart effect.

shari said...

You're welcome, Rocio! I'm glad you liked it... so did my Valentine. :-)

Thanks, Terri! I love doing pop up cards, actually!

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