Friday, February 11, 2011

Josh Ritter's Valentine's Day Brawl in Philly

This was my first time going to a Josh Ritter concert, and I have to say, I'm sold! He has the most brilliant smile, not to mention darling personality, and he sings and plays beautifully! I have never watched such a gracious performer before.

Foyer at The Troc
 He played at The Trocadero in Philadelphia, which is near their China Town. It's not a big venue, but it was packed. I actually have a difficult time in crowds, being short and having an actual nervousness being stuck in the middle of large groups of people, so we were always a ways away, on the outskirts of the masses.

There was a bit of time where he talked about the awkwardness of Valentine's Day for most people, and he wanted to celebrate it. So during the bridge of one of his songs, he had the lighting guy put on some "sexy lighting" and asked that everyone there grab someone and "see what happens"... and it was hilarious! Nearly everyone around us were hugging their significant others, slow-dancing or making out, as we were. Ha ha! So funny and appropriate to the season!

I wish my photos of Josh and his band were clearer, but I have the memories inside me! He has the most brilliant smile, and he wears it pretty much the entire show. I have to say, you can really tell that he loves being up there performing for his fans. He was so sweet to everyone, and played wonderfully! It was a really lovely night of music and happy energy. (Big smile and big sigh...) Thank you, Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band!

I just got three new photos from my friend, Dan, who also went last night. His are much better!

Photo by Dan Cuconati

Photo by Dan Cuconati

Photo by Dan Cuconati
 Thanks, Dan!!


Terriaw said...

Sounds like a fabulous evening! I love the photos you did bring back - cool colors. That chandelier in the foyer is awesome, especially with the blue lighting. I know what you mean about getting clearer photos since I wanted better close-ups from my LP concert. Guess I need a better zoom lens.

shari said...

I had my point and shoot, which takes decent low-light photos, but people were moving, and I got jostled just enough that nothing came out really clear. Other than the foyer pic! Because I had my arm braced against the wall.

Your picks from the LP concert were actually really awesome! I tried for similar, but wasn't quite getting it... next time!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Shari - there's nothing quite like an evening of live music by a great group.

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