Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gorgeous Sunset & Other Pictures

I haven't posted lately, just because I've had a lot of things going on over here in Bethlehem. But check out this amazing sunset! I took it with my iPhone on the way to one of my boyfriend's student's karate belt ceremonies. It was his first belt promotion, from white to yellow belt, and it was so cute! I used to take karate, but only got to a purple belt. I loved it, but all my friends who were going with me left for one reason or another, and I didn't like sparring with strangers.

I took this on my walk in the sun on Friday afternoon. (I used Instagram, an iPhone app, to modify it.) It was so nice out! Then it snowed on Sunday night & Monday morning.

I also had to referee the boys a lot. For some reason, Beckham, the big black & white, was after Jimmy a lot more than usual. Especially when Jimmy wanted to curl up on Beckham's throne. I'm happy to say that Beckham relented, after much kerfuffling.

  And while I sat reading on the back porch steps in the sunshine, Jimmy watched out the screen door. I wish that I could let them outside, but I had enough of cat fights, vet bills, etc, from when Beckham was an inside/outside cat in California. Besides, so far, they haven't actually expressed much interest in being out. They just like to view it from the safety of the apartment!


Anonymous said...

Great photos Shari - isn't the sunset beautiful.

I only got to yellow belt in Karate but my Dad got to brown belt (I think!)

Yoshi cat is an indoor cat too - she doesn't like the outside :0)

Terriaw said...

Gorgeous sunset! Can't believe you took that one with your phone. Sounds like you've been keeping busy lately with fun things like karate belt ceremony. We used to have to referee our kitties for too much wrestling but they got a little older and got over that phase. It was so fun to watch!

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