Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reuse ~ Repurpose: Week 7

Today's subject for reusing or repurposing is the old tea cup. I just luuuuv old tea cups! I have several stashed away in California that I didn't bring with me because of their delicate nature. I love using them for drinking out of, but after a few too many fixed cracks, there comes a time when some must be retired. So what about these ideas?

Image from thepeartree
At thepeartree, you can find a "how to" for making this lovely candle in a tea cup. A few of these on your table would make the perfect setting for a girlie get-together!

Image from HGTV
Alternately, you could put sweet little plants in your tea cups, like they show at Elizabethannedesigns. And if your tea cups and saucers are abundant, and no longer that usable, you could tackle a really cool project like a mosaic backsplash in  your kitchen! HGTV shows you how, here. I wanted to have my own examples for you, but strangely, the people in this town don't give up their teacups easily! I've been to a few second-hand stores, and haven't found many cool tea cups. I prefer the older, delicate and sweet tea cups, which remind me of a gentler age. 

Another cool idea is to turn the cup into a nightlight. On Etsy, Micah7 has some lovely ones!

You can find this violet light in Micah7's shop
Another lovely lighting idea found on SevenEight is this tea cup chandelier. You know how I love interesting lighting? Well this is really cool...

Made by Domestic Construction

However you choose to use your tea cups, old or new, don't they just remind you of simpler times? An age when people actually visited each other just to have tea together... when the lady of the house would get out her fine china, brew some delicious tea, make a few pastries or run out to the bakery for some, and set some flowers on the table, just for a visit with her friends. Very gracious and very welcoming. I love the sentiment that our friends are worth the time and effort. I don't think that we should let that go in these more modern and fast-paced times, do you?

What kinds of things do you do for your friends when they visit?


Terriaw said...

I have a few tea cups from my grandparents that are either stained or have those cracks, making them unusable for drinking out of. These are great ideas for repurposing them, instead of leaving them packed away in a box in the basement.

Most of my friends live all over the country (and world), so I don't have people visit too often. Would be fun to use the vintage cups for mini vases, once our garden comes back to life again.

Orion Designs said...

Those are all such great uses for old teacups. If I collected them, they would probably just sit around, look pretty and gather lots of dust!

Anonymous said...

Such cool ideas - I love the candle in the teacup... I couldn't imagine trying to tile with broken ones, wow, that would take some time! Though teacups are very sweet we are fans of mugs - much more sturdy lol.

We always need big cups of tea and coffee when my friends come over to last us all the way through our natters lol

Brandi said...

Okay, the tea cup candle is FANTASTIC. And I'm totally loving the chandelier - thanks for this!

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